broome st general store "oreo"
egg on top

Sometimes freelancing makes me incredibly grumpy because having to manage so many different little projects and clients who have such incredibly different ways of communicating can make my head spin. Going from being an in house designer for essentially one client to having many clients is proving to be a tough switch for me some days. I’m still getting used to the transition. But the plus side is that when that happens I can stop and take a break to go grab lunch and a homemade oreo with people like Jessica, or stop and release some stress by baking some coconut bread – perfect with a runny egg on top. Or I stop and do the dishes, or vacuum. Then I get back to it, feeling (hopefully) recharged. It doesn’t always work, and I have to make up for lost time, but having that option is good for the way my brain works. It helps remind me why I’m doing this and why I made the switch.

I’m not feeling inspired this week for a weekly music post! We’ll just let it slide this week. Though commenter Lena did share this lovely song with me if you do need a little music break.