DIY Dining Table

After completing my first DIY desk using hairpin legs, I instantly dreamed about making a round dining table. I had to wait months until we moved, but I never stopped daydreaming about how perfect it would be, and even started buying supplies before we moved into the new place. Ian of generously offered to send me some legs to make my day dreaming come true, and I was floored by his kindness. The legs came, just as beautiful and perfect as the last set, and I had to agonizingly wait to build the table while the stress of moving set in and plans were foiled week and after week. But alas! It’s finished, and it’s amazing.

I followed the same steps as last time, but this time practiced a little thing called patience and actually followed directions while staining – sand, stain, wait overnight, sand, stain again. Wait. Wait. Wait. Attach legs. Then of course the screws I had were too long and the thought of going back to the hardware store and waiting YET AGAIN destroyed me, so I just used bolts. You can see them from certain angles, but it doesn’t bother me one bit.

Then last week I found some fantastic vintage chairs for crazy, crazy cheap on craigslist and met a wonderful woman to pick them up and found out she has an Etsy shop and also sells at the Melrose Flea Market. How often do you meet cool, sane people off of craigslist? I have the most terrible craigslist luck and never find anything cool, so I was excited. The upholstery is in need of an upgrade, and seeing as my family owns an upholstery shop I think I can somehow swing that one of these days. We also have these amazing industrial metal pendant lamps that I really wanted to hang over the table, but those plans were ruined after we discovered that our ceiling is made of cake or something because no amount of trickery will get a screw to stay in that baby. Sad face.

Despite crushed lamp dreams and that semi-fug sage green wall I need to repaint soon (thinking a warm grey), I’m pretty excited about the dining area. It’s small, but cozy and perfect for two.

Round wood, 36″: Fisher (this was tough to track down! It was about $20)
Hairpin legs, 28″ 3-rod raw steel:
Stain: Minwax PolyShades in Antique Walnut