Friday Bits

1. Pretty things in the new online shop Mrket.
2. I really want to try one of these Royal Rose simple syrups. They have such amazing flavors, like lavender-lemon and cardamon-clove.
3. A stunning look at Alaskian glaciers by Lisa Teso.
4. I really want this sweatshirt. It keeps creeping into my life from various sources, reminding me of its awesomeness. It’s the same brand that makes Will’s rad fish tank.
5. A good looking pair.
6. I love these cool rugs made from reclaimed materials by Home Terrain.

This week was a lot better. I’m settling into the feeling that this is the new normal, and allowing myself a little freedom here and there, which feels great, I almost feel spoiled. I like that I can get up at 7am and work til 4 and call it a day. Or that I can just take a few hours off and then pick back up later when I can. I try to ride my bike every day, and we’re getting to know this awesome neighborhood better. I finally met up with the lovely Jennifer for brunch at Square One, and Will and I explored Los Feliz more. Sure, the weekends have a different meaning now without the traditional M-F routine, but I’m learning to enjoy that. There are plans to go swimming on Saturday, and I’m nervous to pull out my bathing suit for the first time in a year…eep!