Friday Bits

Some favorites from around the web this week:

1. An awesome look at the magazine collection of James Hyman – a DJ, presenter, and managing director who began his career at MTV Europe in 1988. He’s collected over 1 million of them! via Freunde von Freunden.
2. I Shop, You Buy, Rena Tom’s excellent idea to find cool things while on her vacation in Asia and make little collections of them to sell (I bet they’ll be fantastic). I love her thoughts on creatives diversifying their income stream, something I think a lot about lately.
3. Beautiful napkins by Knife In The Water. via Simple Lovely.
4. Pendleton’s Portland Collection looks amazing. That dress!
5. Everything about The City Scout by Studio Sweet Studio is cool. “Your favorite designers recommending a bunch of crap about a city you probably don’t live in.” via Andrea
6. I’m not a huge app user, but my friend Ian shared this cool new app called Weave with me. It helps you track your craft business – your projects, tasks, income, and expenses. I’m not the most organized person in the world so I’m going to download it this weekend and give it a whirl. Has anyone else used it?

I worked my butt off this week so I could actually have a real weekend the next two days, now that Will doesn’t work either of them. A picnic in the park and some gallery hopping is on the to-do list. I will probably sneak some work in there too… I can’t help myself, I actually enjoy some of the projects I’m working on so much that I look forward to working on them! What a concept. I know that’s not always possible, so I’m savoring the moment.

Also, thank you all so much for your kind response to the blog redesign! I’m so excited that you like it as much as I do. I forgot to give props to my bff Andrea for looking over the design and logo and giving me some fantastic feedback. It’s only right that one of the original co-founders of this blog and an amazing designer should have some say in it! Thanks, lady.

Have a great weekend, everyone!