Friday Bits

1. So excited to see my old friend Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone in Dossier looking lovely as a blonde these days. You can snatch up her new single for a a cool $1.50 while patiently awaiting for the release of her new album.
2. There’s some serious fig fever in the blog world lately, and Heather’s Sweet & Savory Fig Prosciutto Torte combines some flavors I hadn’t considered combining previously. Sounds pretty easy to make, too!
3. Have you heard? The top-notch blog Got A Girl Crush just released a magazine! It does not disappoint, my friends.
4. This promo for Australia’s Summadayze music festival is pure color fun.
5. Chih Chen’s recent photos of Nepal have me in awe.
6. I’ll post more about this project when it’s officially released, but the rad blog Summer Goals made an even radder book featuring summery photos from tons of talented people. I have a few photos in the book along with cool ladies like Anabela, Amy, and Alyson to name a few. The book launch is this Saturday in Portland, so you should go if you’re in the area!

So this evening I’m hopping on a plane to fly home to Seattle for a quick visit for my grandpa’s birthday! It was supposed to be a surprise, but you can’t keep secrets in my family for a second, I swear. Then I fly home Monday and Will and I leave on Tuesday to go visit Will’s family in Phoenix for the rest of the week. So Bits Of My Weekend will come late Monday or early Tuesday, and I’ll be working while we’re in Phoenix so a few blog posts will definitely be happening. I’m mentally preparing myself for the extreme heat, but excited that everyone we’re staying with has a pool and (duh) plentiful air conditioning. I’m bringing a film camera (this guy, perhaps?) to get some desert action in. Have a wonderful weekend!