Have Brain, Will Travel

business cards

I keep spacing on sharing these with you guys, but Will and I made these awesome (if I do say so myself) business cards for him recently. His idea, my execution. If the design doesn’t ring a bell, it’s inspired by Wile E. Coyote’s business card. It’s fun to watch the look on someone’s face turn into a big grin when they’re handed one of these cards. Mission accomplished.

In related news, Will just finished up his job in Venice (too grueling of a commute for the pay), so if anyone hears of any art-related jobs in LA, like art handling, gallery jobs, teaching (he has his MFA), or hell, galleries in need of showing the coolest spaceman short film ever that we’re shopping around right now for an opening, let myself, or Will know. We’re both at home now at the same time, and who knows when the honeymoon period of inspiring each other will wear off and we kill each other! Kidding, it’s been awesome. We’re also currently collaborating on something awesome that I can’t wait to share. Have you ever collaborated with your significant other? It’s not for everyone, but when it works, it works like magic.