Weekly Music

I’ve recently discovered the key to my productivity while working: Robyn. I mean, she’s amazing, yes, but she’s not my usual cup of musical tea. Much more pop/dance than I’m usually into. But there’s something infectious and motivating about her music. It gets me up on the edge of my seat, ready to work. I don’t love all of her songs, a few push the limit of my pop music tolerance, but for the most part, that girl is a goddess. It makes me want to go dancing, and I do not do such things.

ps. Bon Appetempt’s “Call Your Girlfriend” homage is pretty amazing if you haven’t seen it. That’s the kind of stuff I spent my junior high days doing obsessively, therefore, major hat tip. (there’s a remake of Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” somewhere in the Miss family vhs collection…)