Bits Of My Weekend

tucked in
giant pistachio macaron
golden sunset

subway riding | biscuit eating | tucked in | giant pistachio macaron from Lemonade at MOCA | pollution makes for wondrous sunsets

A work weekend, so not a lot of picture taking, but we did take a fun break on Sunday to ride the train downtown to MOCA to see the Lynda Benglis show, eat tacos, watch a beautiful sunset, and I made a giant mess of the apartment getting ready for the shop update.

We also are embarking on becoming vegetarians who occasionally eat fish – a goal that was interestingly Will’s idea, the meat meat meat man. I was vegan for a long time so it’s not too tough for me, but I’m remembering all the annoying things about it quickly. I am always hungry, mushrooms and eggplant (my enemies) are constant meat substitutes at restaurants, and I really need to learn to cook vegetarian better as I was a terrible cook back when I was vegan. So, because I’ve been out of this world for five years, any good veggie blogs out there? I love 101 Cookbooks, but sometimes the recipes are a bit more complicated than I can embark on. Any ideas greatly appreciated!