Bits Of My Weekend


I can’t share photos from the wedding I shot with you yet, but I took a few pretty shots of the farm that the wedding was at while testing lighting and such without people that I can share, so you can get a glimpse of how pretty it was there. Plus a photo of the cat we catsat for in Brooklyn:) What I can tell you is that I don’t know how fulltime wedding photographers do it. It was so exhausting, especially being the only shooter at such a big, long wedding. Exciting, for sure, but I’m still beat! Thank god for Will coming with me to be my photo “caddy” and a good person to bounce ideas off and charm it up, despite the fact that he was secretly so sick he almost left in the middle of the wedding (cue panic attack). I owe him the world.

It was wonderful to be in New York again, albeit briefly, but just those few days spent there solidified our feeling good in our decision to leave. Which is nice because I was really worried that I’d get there and be a mess of emotions and regret. Maybe I would have been had we more time to see all the old places we loved? But it was so nice seeing a few old friends and doing something new and exciting. I love taking photos and it was a nice change to capture moments for someone else instead of myself.