Bits Of My Weekend

new obsession
checking out the new view
rosemary lemonade slushes
messy workspace morning | ricotta on everything, please | new ideas | peeking | rosemary gin lemonade slushes | re-arranged

A weekend of recovery, working, and being serious homebodies (not particularly by choice!) There was an exciting errand to take Will outside briefly to Gamestop (is there anywhere that makes me feel more like a GIRL than Gamestop? I think not) and we did blow through the entire second season of Bored To Death in three nights. I think restlessness got to me on Sunday as I up and rearranged the living room to improve the flow that was driving me nuts. Everything feels fresh again, and re-arranging is good to keep your mind off of things. It would be better sans that fugly couch, but the damn thing was free and couches are made of gold and pixie dust according to their price tags, and I am fresh out of gold and pixie dust. You get less of that when you freelance.

We’re waiting for good news this week. I say good news because that’s the only option in my mind right now. I won’t! And can’t! Accept anything less. Too bless to be stressed…