Bits Of My Weekend

blanket nook
on sentry duty
making herself a blanket nook | cowboying it up at the Autry | sheriff badges | Tiki-Ti | heading into tropical drunkland | meerkat at the LA zoo | a giraffe that looks awfully depressed but I promise he was just mid-chew

Out and about, showing Will’s dad and his girlfriend the sights around town. It was (and still is) a gloomy weekend, but I welcomed the cooler weather. We hit up the Autry museum, we ate lots of good food and consumed many delicious drinks, we went to the zoo and we did lots of u-turns, in true LA fashion. Most of all we got our minds off of stressful things and left the apartment. I slept in and stayed up late (for me), making this morning a bit tough! I’m exactly two weeks away from turning 28 and already an old lady.