Friday Bits

poolside reading

Monkey rider
on the road
$3 score
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I know it’s late for a post, but I was driving all day and ended up not having wireless all week to do anything online besides using my phone, so this post was delayed. I can’t do a usual Friday Bits post seeing as I wasn’t reading blogs all week, so I’ll share some photos from our trip to Phoenix to see Will’s family. Not gonna lie, that “working vacation” ended up not having a lot of work involved. It’s impossible to work around family that doesn’t understand why you can’t hang out and friends who you want to go see. So I will definitely be making up for that allllll weekend and then some. Oh well! 115 degree heat, how do people do it all summer there? Therefore no cool desert picture taking happened because hell no, I was not going out in the desert to take pictures! Mostly my camera hung out in my bag until we got to our friends’ new apartment filled to the brim with rad vintage stuff and a ham of a kitten. All in all I got a sweet tan from a mere 20 minute swim, and a cool $3 skirt from the thrift store, so I’m a happy clam. Now, back to work… have a great weekend! I’m planning on doing a shop update early next week in the evening, so get ready for a more specific announcement on Monday.