Friday Bits

Because I’m out own town, for today’s Friday Bits I thought I’d have the lovely ladies behind the awesome blog (and magazine!) Got A Girl Crush, Andrea and Meg, share with us their picks for the week. Take it away, ladies!


1. Got those burned-out of the city, wanderlust blues? Well, Cabin Porn, doesn’t help–but it does inspire you to start saving your pennies for that quiet place somewhere. Sigh…

2. OBSESSED is an understatement for the the new female super-group, WILD FLAG (consisting of Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony, Rebecca Cole, and Janet Weiss). Their first full-length album just happens to be streaming on NPR “First Listen” until you can snap up the real deal come Tuesday (9/13)!

3. How cute is the Maurine & Noreene flickr set that documents a fashionable (and previously unidentified until thanks to the internet) set of identical twins dressing alike through the ages? Decades worth of cute! (via NY Mag Approval Matrix)

4. With Roots Jewelry by Sharon Goldberg marry all things awesome in both jewelry and terrariums. Teeny-tiny terrariums for your neck!

5. Rookie, the spanking new online mag helmed by our favorite teen ever, Tavi. Geared toward teens (and forever teens-at-hearts), the magazine is updated three times a day – after school, dinner, and before bed. Tavi Gevinson for President!!!


6. My Friendship Bracelet Maker would’ve been at the top of my birthday/holiday wishlist when I was a kid. One of the best things about being a grown-ass woman is that I can buy these silly things for myself without having to beg my mom. Added bonus: the website has a ton of great pattern tutorials. Think I’m going to level up and attempt the zig zag next.

7. For Francesca’s latest vintage drop on Shop Lawrence, she headed to Coney Island with an armful of dresses. I am absolutely smitten with this set of photos–the warm ketchup and mustard tones of the photos go so well with the dresses (and hot dogs).

8. This Healdsburg cabin that Tiger in a Jar posted is incredible. Despite it’s tragic and questionable messaging, I especially love the Japanese whaling poster that depicts various ways whales are used in everyday items. Hmmrrr… (update: the cabin is the Chalk Hill Residency at the Warnecke Ranch.)

9. A couple teasers for Series 2 of Downton Abbey have made their way around the Interwebs, and I can’t wait to dive back in come January 8, 2012.