Friday Bits

Oof, what a week! That’s all I have to say about that. Bring on the weekend! (Even though I will still be working the whole time. But at least clients don’t bug you as much on the weekends! Positive thinking, people.) PS. Did you know there are still TWO NECKLACES still available in the shop? I had to close down the shop before they sold when we went to NYC and re-opened it apparently a bit too quietly. Buy them, people.

1. Ilana Kohn’s F/W line is out now! It’s seriously stunning, her line just gets better and better each collection. I had the pleasure of meeting Ilana when I was in New York, and recently designed her a new website! Love this lady. I wear her Kate dress constantly.
2. I love Sally England’s modern macramé. I saw one in a store recently and was excited to see them on Unruly Things to find out who made them.
3. Fabric & Handle’s new handcrafted backpacks are fantastic. I like the Fran best.
4. Feeling sorry for yourself? Megs Senk can help with that. Her new site, Don’t Feel Sorry For Yourself, pulls together all the goodness from around the web (like a giant Friday Bits!) every month and is guaranteed to cure whatever ails you.
5. These chalkboard tags by Kate’s Papergoods are super cool.
6. My buddy Samantha Hahn is having a solo show in NYC that opens next Thursday the 22nd at Gallery Hanahou and you should definitely check it out. She did some blogger portraits, including me (pictured!), that are so awesome. You can request (from Samantha or the gallery) a pre-show catalog to get first dibs on a selection of her beautiful pieces. Wish I could be there.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!