Friday Bits

I’m not quite ready yet to respond to my previous post and your wonderful, unbelievable support until I have more things to share, probably next week. So for now we carry on with life as normal. Some goodness on the web this week, a great distraction.

1. Pistachio pumpkin bread with honey butter and sea salt. Do I need to describe why that sounds so delicious? I can’t remember how I stumbled across this, probably Pinterest, where I fear to tread lately.
2. These tiny Twin Peaks dioramas by boxartig are pretty much incredible. via TeenAngster.
3. Baggu leather!
4. File under: replicate this exact trip, please. via Lena
5. A vintage camera ordered from Japan containing a roll of previously undeveloped film from the 1940’s. What a magical discovery.
6. I just love this simple, lovely post from Jennifer titled “Morning Light“. I think you know why.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.