Mamiya + NYC bound

camelback mountain
new american gothic

All photos taken with a Mamiya Super Press 23 in Arizona

While not a total bust, I clearly need to learn a thing or two about my Mamiya. Like, what are some shots randomly super underexposed when the next one in that same setting is fine? Why were practically allllll my shots overlapping a little? Things to figure out, for sure. But I can tell this baby has potential for serious beauty.

I’m currently, as you read this, on a plane to NYC as I’m photographing a wedding this weekend upstate! It’s my first professional shoot in a long time and my first as the main photographer, so I’m really excited. I’m taking four different cameras with me, digital and film, so it should be fun. I’ve been taking on a couple photo jobs lately, which is so nice to put a different creative hat on and get away from my computer. I’m sad this has to be such a short trip, it was planned back when I had a fulltime job and only had three vacation days left, but I’ll take all the NY I can get in just a few days.

I’ve had such a crazy, and not gonna lie, terrible week that I kind of failed at finding guest bloggers, but I have Friday taken care of with two rad ladies tag-teaming Friday Bits for you, and I’ll be back with weekend photos on Tuesday. See you then!