Rosemary Lemonade Gin Slushes

Rosemary Lemonade Gin Slushes

Ask and you shall receive. So many of you emailed or commented asking for the recipe for the rosemary gin lemonade slushes that I mentioned in Bits Of My Weekend that I thought a post was in order. The idea of the recipe was inspired part by Kelly’s recipe for herby lemon cocktails and her recipes for slushes she posted this summer. I thought I’d combine the ideas and use gin instead of vodka because I’m not a fan of vodka (but I think it would still be delicious, gin is just a more versatile purchase for us.) They’re a little bit of work (well, time) if you don’t have the syrup already made, but they are so worth it.

Rosemary Lemonade Gin Slushes – makes 2
(I realized this was a more accurate title for the drink than the former)
I’m famous for guessing ingredient measurements, so don’t take these too seriously

2 cups of ice
1/2 cup of gin (this makes a STRONG drink, the way we like ’em, but you could use less)
juice of 2 lemons (meyer lemons would be stellar for this if they were in season)
1-2oz of rosemary simple syrup, depending on how sweet you like them

Fill a blender with all the ingredients and blend, until the ice is smooth. Pour into glasses and garnish with rosemary sprig if you’re trying to impress someone with your hostess skills.


Rosemary simple syrup
makes about 1 1/2 cups (way more than you need, but you’ll have more ready for later boozing!)

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 sprigs of rosemary

Stir water and sugar until disolved over medium heat. Add rosemary and simmer for about 30 minutes. Remove rosemary. Let syrup cool before using. Store extra in the refrigerator.