the c word


Well my friends, the time has come for the truth – that good news we were hoping and praying for did not come our way. Apparently not accepting anything less than that doesn’t change test results, as Will has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s such a loaded word that up until this point we’ve been calling it “the c word”, like cancer is Lord Voldemort and we dare not speak its name. The surgery was to remove a tumor, and now that it’s gone and he’s healing and looks and acts so healthy and normal, my brain is having a hard time comprehending his doctor telling us he needs chemo as soon as humanly possible. The good news is that the kind he has, testicular, is one of the most curable kinds of cancer. (Insert someone telling us about Lance Armstrong for the 9 millionth time here.) He’ll soon start nine weeks of chemo and then hopefully, with a little luck, he’ll be a-ok.

Our emotions are like yo-yos right now. They range from barely being able to function because the sadness and frustration is so heavy, to feeling like this is just a small speed bump in the path of our lives. Today we had an appointment with an amazing oncologist at Cedar Sinai who told us all the good, the bad, and the ugly, but was so kind and willing to figure out treatment with our financial situation that we didn’t leave the hospital in tears like the past few visits. We’ve been so hyper-focused on the financial aspect of how this will effect our lives (um, do you remember the premise of Breaking Bad?) that we hadn’t considered how awful chemotherapy might be for Will or what the future holds for him down the road. That’s pretty damn sad. The fact that people have to stress about how to pay for treatment when they’re stressing about just surviving? Disgusting. But luckily it’s looking good for him to get on Medi-Cal, and if that doesn’t work we’ll be referred to a different doctor at USC (which will make us very sad as we love this doctor, but that’s okay).

Being this honest here was a struggle for me, it’s funny how personal this blog has become in the last year. But you guys helped me out so much with my post about Will’s surgery that I know I owed you an update (and for my vague sad twitter updates, sorry) and that maybe we could use a few internet hugs. So many people that we’ve told so far have been so incredibly supportive and kind that we know we’re not alone with this. Stephanie sent me a great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that I like to think of lately: “A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.” I’ve applied the same sentiment to Will and my relationship lately, which only gets stronger the more we need each other lately.

Stay tuned for a little fundraiser that we’re putting together with some of our prints. I barely have a moment to spare with work right now, but thought I’d do something simple because so many people have asked how they can help and prints I can handle.

And as if this isn’t already obvious, I hope that if you’ve emailed me recently or email me in the coming weeks, you’ll forgive me if it takes me a while to write you back for obvious reasons. But know that I really appreciate so many of you checking in on us. And regular posting will continue through all of this as I don’t know what I’d do without the internet right now. You gotta keep your head up and just chug along, not letting it destroy you.


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    oh my kate, i had no idea. i haven’t been following much lately and this came as a complete surprise and i don’t know what to say, rather than “i’m sorry!” and “i wish very strongly that you fight and beat this thing!” i have seen so many sad stories around about this C word, that I also want to hear a good story to believe that we are stronger than these “things” sometimes. you guys are so great together and have a life full of good moments ahead, i’m sure! so keep with your faith, money issue will be solved (it has to be, trust me!), good things will come in your way and this will be just a bump! hugs!!! twiggs

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    OH NO! I am so sorry to hear that you both have to deal with this. I can only imagine how scary and how much of a roller coaster this must be. My thoughts are with you both in the hope that this is a small blip and something that will only bring you closer. I send you internet love. And kittens. Lots and lots of kittens.

    Oh, and only to make this comment even longer than it already is, I am so appreciative of you posting this. I know how difficult and scary it can be to put something so personal out there for anyone (you don’t even know!) to judge and interpret, but I know that I am not alone when I say that I only feel warmth and kindness when I read things like this.

    A community is only as strong as what we put into it and you are doing more than your fair share; I thank you for that.

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    Kate, my heart and stomach sank when reading this post. Just by reading your blog for about a year, I feel as though I know you and Will personally – and you seem like fabulous, loving people. My Dad has had cancer on three separate occasions, and I am proud to say that he is alive and well, and all of his loved ones are stronger because of the struggle.
    I hope you and your lovely Will all of the best. Keep your heads up and your hearts light. Find a reason to smile everyday.

    Also, move to Canada.

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    I’m so sorry to hear about what you and Will have been going through. We are all hoping for the best for Will’s health and know that you two will overcome it. We’re here for both of you!

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    Even though its not a classic “four-letter word”, the c-word has all the rage and hate behind it as any curse word. Its definitely something that weighs on my thoughts more often than I would prefer, given my genetics. However, the outcome for you guys seems so much in your favor and my thoughts are with you both. And! positive thoughts totally help in recovery, even if it didn’t actually work its magic keeping away the bad guy.

    PS. I know its not new, but kittens always help, right?


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    wow. not at all what i was expecting through all of the vagueness, i’m not sure why. i guess it’s the last place your mind wants to venture. sending good thoughts and strength, i know you two are going to come out the other end of this thing all the stronger.

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    oh man kate, this is awful news. but, you and will have each other (and your amazing community of friends and family and all of us extended friends too!) and i know you will make it through this as best you can. sending you lots of love and strength and laughter too. you’ll need that. xoxo

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    kate, i’m so sorry to read this news. please keep us all updated on will’s health and your needs- i know you have a team of people ready to rally and help. sending you guys love + positive thoughts. you are brave, thank you for sharing. GIANT hug from va.

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    Kate, I don’t know you personally but I’m a big fan of your blog and jewelry. Your news about Will shocked and saddened me. Will sounds like an awesome bf and I know he has a great support system around him. I hope he recovers very soon and in the meantime you are both in my thoughts. Take care, please!

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    Wishing you both all the positive vibes in the world. Although everything probably feels like it’s crashing down around you right now, your love for each other will get you through it. I have every faith you will get the happy ending you both deserve.

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    I’m so sorry. My dad had terminal brain cancer and I can identify with those yo-yo roller coaster emotions. Praying for peace & for that chemo to kick butt!


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    oh kate. i am so sorry. f*cking cancer, and the f*cking us health care system suck. but you two are strong and awesome and you will get through this.

    of course if i can help with the fundraiser in any way let me know.

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    Sending you loads of happy thoughts and a huge dose of you can do this!!!! Sorry to hear that you have to deal with this but glad that it looks to have a positive outcome. I’m looking forward to the post months down the road that says you’ve done it… You’ve kicked butt and come put stronger on the other side. :)

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    Geez, I am so sorry you two have to deal with this. But hey, remember, Lord Voldemort was defeated :) Sending every good vibe one person could possibly muster up and stealing good vibes from other people and sending them your way!

  15. Christine says

    Oh dear, I am sorry to hear about this.

    My brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year – like Will, he’s young (28 at the time). He had a rapid surgery and went directly into radiation treatment, a six month process. One year later, he is cancer free. He goes every six months for a scan, and probably will for the rest of his life, but they say it’s unlikely it will come back. We are thankful and of course every situation is different, but I wanted to share a positive story about, you know, a regular person beating this disease. (Lance Armstrong is sort of super human.) :)

    Thinking of you both and sending all my positive vibes!

  16. Annie says

    I know this isn’t much at all and it’s mostly just silly, but it actually kind of helped me recently gather up all my stresses and anxiety and just send it out into the world:

    sending loving vibes and beautiful thoughts your way,
    –a long-time reader.

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    Kate – you guys are strong and you will get through this. I just know it.

    Let the internet know how we can help. There are so many people out here who want to support you both.

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    Kate, I’m so sorry to hear about Will’s diagnosis. Thinking of you both, and I’m sure all of us who read your blog will rush to help in any way you ask.

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    People will give you lots of advice, say crazy “comforting” (or not so comforting) words, do amazing things for you, ignore you, help you, worry you, help you not worry, etc etc. You will full robbed of youth. You will feel angry, sacred, lonely, mad. But remember that you are there for each other. It will be closer than you thought possible and you will get through the treatment. It all feels impossible at first. So overwhelming. Do want you need to protect your husband and you. Put yourselves first. You will need the strength love and protection to get through it all. BUT you will get through it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s completely F*&d. I am truly sorry that is happening to you both (yes it’s happening to you too). My thoughts for strength are with you both.

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    This post is unreal. I really feel for you guys. I can’t imagine what I would do if something like this happened to my sig. And even if you are a crying mess in your offline life know that you are also so brave and courageous for sharing this much of yours and Will’s sadness with the rest of us.

    We are here for you! As others have mentioned, say the word, and we’ll be there to help you out in any way possible. Looking forward to the prints. Looking forward even more to a year from now when you announce Will’s good health. :)

    Big internet hugs and love to you both!

    (As a side note, I just started watching Breaking Bad the other week and am completely hooked. Now THERE’S an interesting premise for a TV show…)

  21. Liz says

    I’m so sorry to hear this news. I’ve never commented before but have been reading your blog for a very long time and I get every indication from what I’ve read here that you are a strong, supportive and good person and know that this is all unfair. Try to remember how much optimism and love can get people through. You and Will are in my thoughts and I look forward to your fundraiser, as I would love to help.

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    Okay. This doesn’t fit in a tweet, but I just have to say how much I despise our healthcare system for reasons exactly like this. I realize it’s a horribly complex issue, but the whole system is just drowning in bullshit. It shouldn’t be so hard or so expensive to get treatment. It’s just no way to live.

    I’m soooo heartbroken for you! Let us know what we can do to help, especially if it means that we also get to support your respective crafts.

  23. Lane says

    Kate, I’ve been thinking of you and Will a lot lately and will continue to hope for the best for you guys no matter what comes your way. If you want to open up the fundraiser to other artists definitely let me know, as I would love to contribute. I’m rooting for you both!

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    Kate, I wish I had the words that could make you feel better and make all of this go away. It’s so strange how the internet makes us feel so connected to people even if we’ve never spoken to them. I have been a huge fan of your blog for a long time now and this news made my stomach ache. I’d love to do whatever I can in terms of a fundraiser and I wish you two the very best! I’m sending all sorts of good vibes your way!

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    Dear Kate,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time. Even though I live far away from you in Amsterdam (Aussie originally) I want you to know how much I look forward to your posts. This post was so sad to read but ironically one of the reasons I read your blog – for your heartfelt honesty. I just wanted to say thank you for being you. Wendy provides me much solace (missing my cantankerous but loved kitty) and your posts influence me to keep going in ways you cannot imagine ( in a non creepy way!). Sending love to you and Will who provide inspiration half way around the world. Catherine

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    I’m so, so sorry Kate. It seems so ineffectual to say that, but it’s the truth. There’s nothing any of us can say that will make this all better, but we’re all behind you both.

  27. hannah says

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Kate. And I’m so sorry that you have to be burdened with more than just the emotional roller coaster that comes along with all illness. Lots of internet hugs to you both!

  28. Chris says

    Thanks for having the courage and strength to share what is going on with you and Will. Em and I really loved seeing you both recently and we want you to know that you have all of our support, encouragement, and friendship. We are here for you, and although we may be in Brooklyn, we will help in every way we can. We want to help. Please let us know when the fundraiser goes live and if there is anything else we can do. If there is ANYTHING we can do, Please ask! We believe in you both and are sending our best thoughts and wishes your way.

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    I’m so sorry to hear this- I’ll be thinking of you guys. Please ask your readers for help if you need it. A donation link would be completely appropriate- I’m sure lots of people want to help you raise money for his treatment.
    My dad had testicular cancer when I was a kid and he’s totally okay now, if hearing that helps at all. Bless you both.

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    You + Will have an entire blogosphere of supporters out here Kate. We are pulling for you guys big time. Thank you for the honesty. This FMFY fan (me) in particular is sending vibes of rainbow unicorn magicalness and strength.

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    I am a regular reader but I’m commenting this first time to echo what everyone is saying – a lot of people are thinking of you and wishing for the best things.

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    Sending a big over-the-internet-hug to the two of you.
    That Stephanie knows just the right thing to send your way – I bet the two of you will be astonished by just how strong you are, each of you as individuals, and together. You`re in my thoughts.

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    Kate, your blog is one of my favorites and so inspirational, and even though I don’t actually know you, I love you. Yep, I do. I am so sorry, and am hoping and praying and wishing for the two of you right now.

    Thank you for sharing some insight into your life. I really love your personal posts the most (I look forward to Bits of My Weekend every Monday). As sad as it is, it is always comforting to know that others are going through tough times as well, and that we’re never really alone in any of it.

    The Internet is really full of love. And cats. But mostly love.

  34. ellie says

    kate, i’m so so sorry. my boyfriend battled cancer and it’s an awful all-consuming evil thing. this sh*t is so indiscriminate and unfair. sending you, will and wendy lots of love. xoxox

  35. Jayme says

    Long time reader of your blog and first time poster. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Another good quote for you to reflect on: You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Please let your readers know how we can help. Until then, keeping you both in my prayers.

  36. Rebecca says

    Holding out hope for you. This is not the way life was created to be. I am so sorry…and I grieve the loss of what could have been as I read your honest words. I pray now for you and Will that you will find healing.

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    Dear Kate and Will,

    I have been an avid follower of this blog for over a year and I would like to thank you for sharing your lives with the world. From what I have gathered you guys are awesome, lovely, beautiful people and you have brought me so much joy through your honesty, good taste and humour!

    You have touched SO many lives in a positive way, I read this post in class and almost cried, I feel so much empathy and good will towards you I am tearing up again! THAT is amazing- just think about how many people are sending their love your way, all because you are such great humans.

    You will find an amazing well of strength to draw from to deal with this awful thing that is happening and you WILL come out stronger and with a richer appreciation for this world and all that surrounds you.
    Please, remember to rest and soak up the sunshine and all the positive vibes coming your way.

    I can’t wait to see your prints go up for sale!



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    Horrible swooping in my stomach when I read this. Here’s hoping Will gets on Medi-Cal (i’m sure you will) so you can focus on the important things x

  39. Dana says

    Kate, I’ve read your blog regularly for a couple years and have never commented. I just wanted to say that I’ll be thinking good healing thoughts for you and Will. Your love for him has always shined through your blog posts. Internet hugs all around!

  40. cde says

    Kate, my heart reaches out for you and Will. I have never commented enough to let you know how much I appreciate and respect you, but I hope you’ll take in faith that I am wishing so much for you two. If there’s a way your readers can help, let us know. All the best to you both.

  41. Cathryn says

    Oh goodness, Kate! You don’t know me, but I’m sending you two (+Wendy) super happy thoughts and positive vibes. Thanks for sharing with us.

    P.S. F*ck the C word, and the lack of affordable healthcare in this country.

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    Big, hugeee internet hug to you guys Kate! Ive been seeing your tweets and crossing my fingers for you. Youll get through this. Ill be snatching up a print! Xoxoxo.

  43. says

    Thank you so much for your willingness to share personally here. In addition to making me want to send out a giant internet hug, it also makes me want to rail once again about our health care system.

  44. Julienne says

    Hi Kate,

    Normally I’m a lurker even though I’ve been a faithful RSS follower for years, but I think now’s the time to come out of the woodwork long enough to say my heart goes out to you and Will, and when you put your posters on sale, my money is there.

    Quote from a mushy-but-classic movie–“Remember that it’s the character that’s the strongest that God gives the most challenges to.”

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    A million hugs to you, lady. All day I’ve been thinking about that present Will gave you once that said “To the love of my life” on it — you guys will kick that cancer’s ass. xoxoxoxoxo

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    holy fucking fuck, dude. that is insane!! i just had a bit of a spazz-out reading that post (i read it twice, to be sure, because…cancer?!)…and i can only imagine how yucky life has become since hearing that diagnosis. all of my thoughts+well-wishes are with you both, and i’m rooting for team will on this one! team cancer will have its ass kicked.

    i have to high-five will for being so amazing to even think about getting tested for testicular cancer! that was brave, and has prolonged (even saved!) his life. good luck, will… <333

  47. Allison says

    Kate, thank you for sharing and being so freakin’ authentic on your blog. I can’t even comprehend how difficult it must have been to write this post and deal with everything coming down the way it has. Please know that although we’ve never met and probably never will, I think you both you and Will are incredible people that can take on the c-word and even make it your b*tch. Let us readers know how we can help in every way possible.

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    I’ll be honest. I read your blog because I love your taste. I don’t necessarily like what you have to say-all the time. I am weary of people who always seem to be upbeat. Maybe because I am not that way. Or maybe becuase society loves misery. That being said-I got a little teary eyed reading this post. I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I don’t even know this woman. I just read her blog on a weekly basis.”

    I worry for you. For your Will and for us all. Not having a publically funded health care system (like Canada) really fucks us all. If we did, we all would be helping you right now and so many others. You are so right. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for this care. You both should worry about surviving it. My thoughts are with you and yours, Kate. Kisses, Adarae

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    I’m so very sorry. You both will be in my thoughts! Here is a quote that gets me through hard times:

    “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. It may even be necessary to encounter the defeat so that we can know who we are. So that we can see, ‘Oh, that happened, and I rose. I did get knocked down flat in front of the whole world, and I rose. I didn’t run away; I rose right where I’d been knocked down.’ That’s how you get to know yourself.” -Maya AngelouC

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    I’m so very sorry. You both will be in my thoughts! Here is a quote that gets me through hard times:

    “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. It may even be necessary to encounter the defeat so that we can know who we are. So that we can see, ‘Oh, that happened, and I rose. I did get knocked down flat in front of the whole world, and I rose. I didn’t run away; I rose right where I’d been knocked down.’ That’s how you get to know yourself.” -Maya Angelou

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    oh my word. my heart goes out to you and will and ms. wendy. so scary. i shall think of this as a tiny speed bump in the vast target/whole foods/home dept parking lot of your long lives. anything you need – just say so.

  52. rosa says

    internet hug! i’m so sorry you guys are going through this – the support system you’ve built together will see you through.

  53. says

    I have to tell you that as a young woman (28), i have seen several friends and friends children in the last 2 years diagnosed with various types of cancer which has been incredibly surprising and eye opening. They are all doing great, and I have to say, its truly been the power of community keeping them all going. Community spirit and a positive attitude is really the best medicine, so don’t hesitate to share, vent, and reach out for help. Its going to be ok – we’re all digitally here for you.

  54. says

    Kate, My heart sank as I read this. I am so sorry. I will be cheering you both on. Sending two big hugs your way. If there is ever anything at all I can do, I am here.

  55. says

    Kate + Will: the real “c” word is courage, and you two have it in spades. thank you for sharing this burden with all of us, and please know of our love and support! You brighten my day with your blog, and I hope you find strength and courage for the long road ahead.

  56. Sharla says

    You two have a lot of people in your corner and now’s the time to use us. Do not hesitate to tell us what you need. We’ll be sitting here waiting for instructions. We love you two.

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    Dear Kate,

    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog since 2009. Coming to your blog is always a highlight – you create such a wonderful place on the internet. I am incredibly sorry to read about Will’s diagnosis. I can’t imagine what you both are possibly going through. I sobbed incessantly the instant I read the post. My boyfriend had a scare last year, but it was benign, and I am thankful everyday I have him. I rarely comment on blogs, but I wanted to say something to you.
    Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful, well-designed perspective, and your life. You seem like such a strong, fiercely independent, creative young woman and you guys will get through this. Please keep us updated. You are both in my thoughts.

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    i hope your website doesn’t eat my comments like it normally does. oh my goodness, i am SO sorry that this is happening to you right now. know that i am thinking of you and hoping and praying that everything goes well and will comes out of this on the other side like a champ.

    will, can you hear me? LIKE A CHAMP, WILL. you’re going to kick this shit’s ass.

    so much love from my little corner of the internet!

  59. says

    Oh sweet Kate, I’m so sorry you two have to go through all of this! I can not imagine how hard it is and I’m so sad to hear it made worse by financial worries!

    When you get hit by something like this you cannot help for a lot of things in you life to go on complete standby while everything is uncertain. At least thats how I have reacted, but then slowly life returns and you find yourself on the other side. bla bla bla -all I really want to do is give you a hug and tell you that we are all with you and that even though it makes us sad to hear we are happy that you shared this.


  60. siescierto says

    Hi Kate,
    I’ve been a longtime reader, first time commenter. I am genuinely sorry anyone has to go through all of this. I can understand the stress that goes along with this, economically, physically, emotionally… But I refuse to jump on the bandwagon of “this is so sad”. Because it is scary, but it’s not sad. Because Will’s going to get treatment, and you’re going to have each other along the way. This is a treatable cancer! I don’t want to sound like a super annoying positive energy all around you sort of person, but at this point, I really do believe it, and it helps to hear it!
    I think it’s brave that you’ve held off for so long from venting here, but you’ll receive nothing but full support if you do vent here.
    You will be scared, but you’ll be stronger than you’ve ever imagined. I don’t doubt this. Hold each other often, it sounds corny, but I mean it quite literally.
    My deepest sympathies go out to both of you and of course, I will keep you in my thoughts.

  61. Sophie says

    Kate and Will – I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I am so sorry to hear about this. Not fair. Please, get those prints going if you can, I can’t wait to buy one. I know you’ll both be ok, but thinking of you until you get the all-clear. Lots of love

  62. says

    Dear Kate (And Will) You’re one of the first blogs I ever started following and in some strange internet-blogosphere way this blog has become a little comfort of mine as my life has changed pretty drastically the last few years. Which is why I am so so so sorry to hear about Will. I wish him, and you both, all of the best during his treatment and a speedy recovery.

    I’m ready to purchase or help in any way I can!! Please keep us updated!

  63. Sasha says

    Cancer has been something that has affected my life so harshly in the past few years. My heart aches for you guys and please know that I am praying for you and Will. I can’t remember how I ever came to read your blog but it has been so nice seeing your life and business progress and I hope with so much heart that you guys make it through this okay. (you will)

  64. Caroline says

    Dear Kate and Will,

    I am a new reader to your blog but immediately fell in love with your humor, style and authenticity. I wish both of you quiet strength and courage for the time that lies ahead, and hope that you will find comfort in the fact that you are in the hearts and prayers of so many friends around the world. You guys are going to get through this, I just know it:)

    I’m sending you some sunshine from South Africa, where spring has just arrived.

    much love.

  65. Federica says

    I’ve been following your blog for a very long time, and never commented, but reading those words made me feel as if you were a close friend of mine. I don’t pray, so I can only send you my hugs and my thoughts. And try to help as much as I can, when I get the chance. It’s not much, but my personal experience tells me it can be enough.
    I hope everything will be ok.

  66. Jaz says

    Sending so much love to you both right now!
    You love each other, and I can tell you: that is going to be your absolutely strongest asset. So be proud of each other, you’re already one step along the way.
    Love from Melbourne, Australia.

  67. lee says

    Thank you for being brave and sharing this difficult news. Sending you both happy and healing thought. Get the prints going, that’s a great idea – I think you’ll be amazed to see how many people will want to help, I know I do.

  68. Dilia says

    Kate, my thoughts are with you and Will. Like many of the other commenters have said, I don’t know you but I feel like I do. Your blog is such a bright spot on the internet and I really look forward to reading it. I know I’d like to help by buying a print–your artistic style is beautiful so I know whatever you are selling will be as well.

    All the best to you and Will!

  69. says


    A year after we started dating, I watched my boyfriend fall out of a tree and break his neck. He was instantly paralyzed from under his arms down. We spent the next few months at Harborview (I am from Seattle, too). I’m not telling you this to try to lessen your grief or tell you things will be hunky-dory. You and Will have each other. And you guys are going to become even closer than you are now. I’m seriously pulling for you two.

  70. liz says

    thoughts and love sent your way. keep breathing DEEP – we all have much more power to heal than we realize. all the best….

  71. says

    Thank you so much for sharing, I consider it really brave that you did. Life is so unfair sometimes and it’s hard to believe anyone will understand what you are going through. And it’s nice that everyone has shared their stories in the comments. Just to know you’re not alone is a comforting thought. Wishing you both all the best in the months to come.

  72. says

    Oh Kate and Will, I’m so very very sorry. I know we’ve all been pulling for you guys and hoping for the best, and will continue to do so. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer NINE years ago (!), and has been in remission for several years now. He was also uninsured due to early retirement, and got all of his treatment at the VA. One of my ex’s was also diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 25, around the same time as my dad, and he is also in remission going on over 9 years (I’m from Houston- there is something really bad in the water there- no joke). But take heart, there is hope.

  73. tricia p says

    It’s funny that I don’t know you at all, but through reading this bog nearly every day, I almost feel like a friend just told me this news. I want to call my husband right now just to tell him how concerned I am about you guys, though we’ve never met. You seem very strong, Kate, and I am so glad that you and Will have each other.

    I can’t wait to see the prints – big internet hug from me (and my husband!).

  74. says

    My goodness. I’m in tears as I type this. I’m so sorry to hear this is happening. Sending lots of good vibes your way and hoping for a speedy recovery.

  75. Karen says

    Kate, what a dignified post on something so personal that has no doubt turned your world upside down.Sending you both all the good wishes in the world.


  76. says

    Hello Kate, i’ve been reading your blog for so many years. Hang in there you two. Will can do it and beat this damn thing. Put some good music on, look at the sea. Cuddle your cat. And when Will gets better, take him on holiday to Paris (France) staying at my place where you will be more than welcomed. It’s a real offer by the way. HANG IN THERE ! bisous

  77. says

    if I’ve learned anything about you from reading your blog these past 3 or 4 years it’s that you are a strong gal. I can only imagine that Will is the same. you guys will kick cancer in the teeth! many many hugs to you my friend.

    I’d love to help with your fundraiser, so please let me know what I can do.

  78. Merrill says

    Sending you both peace, strength, and love, Kate. Keep me updated on prints for sale, as I can’t wait to give a little support.

  79. Amanda says

    I’m so sorry to hear this, and sending you both lots of kind thoughts and those internet hugs you asked for. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Medi-Cal to com through.

  80. Mary Lou says

    I’m sorry the c word has come into your world. Those 6 small letters have an amazing power. I am sending positive energy your way and will look out for the print fundraiser. I’m sure you are an extra strength tea bag.

  81. Heather says

    I am so sorry you two have to go through this – it is definitely something you can overcome though and I would love to help out by purchasing a print. Sending all sorts of positive thoughts your way.

  82. says


    I’m so sorry this is happening to Will and to you. I’ve loved your blog because it is personal. I’m sure it’s hard to be so personal sometimes but you really give strength to others. I hope all these comments will give some of that back to you. I live by another Eleanor Roosevelt quote (paraphrased): “You MUST do the thing you think you cannot do. You’ll become stronger because of it”.


  83. Laura says

    I am so sorry to hear this news, but judging from the strength, courage and grace in your post, you and Will will beat this in no time. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you!

  84. says

    Will is very lucky to have you by his side. Stay strong. *hugs*
    As soon as you have any kind of fundraiser, you can count on me to participate and to spread the word. xo

  85. kcgirl says

    Kate, I’m so sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with Will and you to get through this and be stronger people because of it. Here’s an affirmation for Will: “My body restores itself to good health.”

  86. Meg says

    I know I don’t know you two personally, but your story touches me so deeply. I love reading your blog and was so upset upon reading this. I am putting all my positive energy and good vibes out into the universe for you and for Will. Please excuse me for getting a little “out there” for a moment, but if you are interested in trying some supportive, alternative ways of deal with the emotional healing during traumatic treatments like chemo, I have found this book REALLY interesting/helpful: “Feeding Your Demons.” Please stay positive, you both CAN do this.

  87. says

    I am so sorry to hear this- I will be thinking about you and will certainly buy a print! Love to you both, and I am so impressed by the grace and bravery with which you are handling this. Stay strong and positive! Though I don’t know either of you personally, its clear that you are both lucky to have each other and I am sure you will be a huge source of strength to Will!

  88. Tonia says

    Kate — I’m another first time poster, long time reader and have often felt like you’re a good friend that I’ve just yet to meet face to face… And just like I would for any other friend who was facing tough news and pooling all of her/his strength to navigate the weeks and months ahead, I’m hoping for the best for you and Will and extending the most supportive internet hug to you both. Hoping that in the most uncertain moments that it will hopefully find its way to you on the opposite corner of the continent and provide you with some strength and comfort. xx

  89. Elise says

    I’m so sorry that you and Will have to deal with this. I usually just come here to see pretty pictures of LA, but felt I had to say something today. Cancer is such an evil thing that really requires you to fight it proactively. My dad has been battling it for almost two years now and he is still with us because we are all committed to fighting it. And I have to tell you it does put everything else into sharp perspective, the little things just don’t matter much anymore. But my thoughts are with you guys.

  90. mo says

    Hi Kate

    I wish you two a best of luck and great thing to come !!

    This is the very first time to post comment of on your blog, after subscribing few years. I was reading how your life goes curiously from NY, and to CA, which is exactly what I happened to flow, too. Thank you for the constant inspiration and this time what I can do is to pray for you as much as possible as return.

  91. Jenny says

    I wish you and Will the best. I have three male friends who have all SURVIVED testicular cancer, granted poorer, and missing body parts, but they SURVIVED. At any age cancer is a tough pill to swallow, but so young its even harder. Have faith in one another, appreciate the love you share and the talents you have. Rally your friends, and let people help you. Let them make you meals, hug you, and console you. It will be a tough battle but one I know you will survive and come out from stronger. My thoughts and love to you both.

  92. Margaret says

    I’ve been reading forever, never commented before but now is the most appropriate time to speak up, so you could know there are probably hundreds more people like me rooting for you both. Wishing you all the best and sending good thoughts your way. :)

  93. says

    kate, i’m not sure i’ve commented before, but i just wanted you to know that you are will are in my thoughts. sending good vibes your way <3 <3

  94. says

    Cancer sucks and so do the stress and fear and medical bills that come with it. But you’ll both be amazed at your own strength and you’ll come out on the other side stronger, wiser and happier. I’m so glad you shared this, one of the things that I love about your blog is that it is so personal, I feel like you’re great friends that I just haven’t met yet, and like I do for all great friends, I’ll be sending good thoughts your way in the coming months.

  95. says

    Holy. Mother. At our age this is the last kind of news we’d expect, but it seems like you guys are handling with a lot of grace and determination, which can only mean good things. I’m sure just the plain ol’ shock of it all is still in full effect. By all means put some of your fabulous prints on sale, anything I can do to help! My mom has been dealing with complications from the recalled mesh they put in after her practically-botched hysterectomy, mostly without decent insurance, so I understand the panic of figuring out how to afford something like this, and not necessarily being able to go with the doctor you want. Luckily we live in a city with some of the best doctors in the world! Big hugs to you both.

  96. Tegan says

    Wishing you strength and positivity for the coming months! I’m sure many of your readers are looking forward to participating in the fundraiser – I know I am. Sending warm thoughts and internet hugs from Vancouver Island! Stay strong :)

  97. says

    I’m so sorry to hear the bad news! My thoughts are with you and Will as you go through this tough time. Please keep us posted on the fundraiser. I would love to help in any way I can. Sending good vibes from Brooklyn!

  98. says

    Kate and Will, wishing you guys all the strength and support you will need to help you along in these coming months. And I’ll do anything I can to help support your fundraising efforts. We will be thinking about you here in Vancouver, Canada!

  99. says

    kate, I’m sure I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said… but I’m so sorry to hear this news! I’m thinking about you & Will! Thanks for being so open and honest even though you’re going through such a difficult time.

  100. says

    I don’t really know either of you, but through this blog and your pictures I feel like I do. I started reading right when the two of your were leaving NYC for LA. This post brought me to tears. I imagine that it doesn’t even begin to express all of the things that you and Will are feeling. I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way and wishing you strength and support and hope during this time in your lives.

  101. says

    Will- Squeeze your lady tight, she is a force of nature. I’m happy you have her by your side through this- not too many girls are both strong and sincere and loving and tough all together.

    Kate- You have a legion of girls who love and support you. Happy to count myself as one.

  102. says

    Thank you for being so open and honest with your life, good or bad. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I am so sorry to hear about this difficult time for you both but I am sure that opening up about the tough circumstances will mean even greater encouragement, support, and love from people who truly care about you, whether or not they have met you. And that support can be invaluable. I hope everything will turn out for the best. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  103. says

    Kate! Will! Thank you for sharing this intense news with your readers. As many have said before, you two will get through this together, beat that cancer and continue on your life path together. My heart is heavy with the news and I’m sending huge support and love from Portland. My Will-doppleganger husband (I guess Will is his doppleganger, too ha) sends big hugs. Stay strong and know you two have a lot of supporters and big believers.

  104. says

    Kate, I am a very new reader, but my heart goes out to you and Will all the same. I can’t imagine how you are feeling right now, but I hope it helps to know that there are many, many people out there thinking of you and sending well wishes. It’s so frustrating and sad to hear how broken our health care system is and to think that you have this to worry about on top of everything. I’d jump onboard buying a print or anything else to help ease this time for you.

  105. Grace says

    A few months ago, a doctor told us that my husband might have C*. We almost got crashed by just hearing that word. Then he went through all these tests and we are so fortunate that it is not C*. I cannot imagine how hard it could be for you now. Try to be strong and hope for the best since the doctor said it is the most curable kind. Also, from what my husband told me, I wanted to tell you that you being there with him means everything!

  106. says

    I don’t even know what to say; I am in complete shock. I am so sorry that this had to happen to Will – cancer f-cking sucks. Good vibes coming your way.

    PS – if you need any sweet treats to help make the coming weeks easier, I’d be more than happy to send out a big, ol’ box!

  107. says

    Oh guys, I’m really sorry to hear this news. You two seem like a very positive couple which I think will help you both through this. I wish you both all the strength and support you will need to beat this C word. When I read that money is your overriding concern right now my heart sunk, I just can’t believe that in the US you have to pay for healthcare.. I’m in Australian and health care is free so I can’t understand it at all (come move down under :-). If you need any help with fundraising I’m here, I don’t know you personally but as I have followed your blog for so long, I feel as though I do. So I’m here to help! Maybe you should put a fundraising section on your blog so people can send you money…I mean even if it’s a small amount it will add up.. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, because there is a huge community on the internet that really care. Well I hope you are both coping ok, I’m sending lots of hugs your way!! x

  108. says

    Absolutely, massive internet hugs your way. What a frightening thing to be faced with. Kudos for you to sharing this with many strangers, but sometimes the kind words of strangers is really rejuvinating. I wish you and Will both emotional and physical well-being, and continued loving support of each other.

  109. says

    I barely ever comment here but I’ve been reading for a while and I feel like you’re some kind of distant friend… when I read this I was so shocked and I just had to let you know how sorry I am. I wish the best for Will and you, and I will be sending good vibes your way. Obviously I look forward to your fundraiser and I’ll spread the word once your prints are for sale!


  110. upsidedawn says

    Oh Kate, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am brought to tears by this news. When I think of all the months I have followed your site, and how much comfort and joy it has given me through all my own trials and tribulations, I feel, as so many others do here, that I want to give you back at least some of what you have given me and hundreds of others. My thoughts are with you and your sweet guy.

    (Yes, the healthcare situation in this country sucks. I would love to help you, even if I can’t contribute as much as I would like.)

  111. Dina says

    Dear Kate,
    Wow, look how much love and well wishes are flowing your way. I, like everyone else who has posted, feel more like your faraway friend rather than just a blog follower (I mean, who else was as excited as I about my hairpin table than you and Will???) I’d like to reach out, so I’m looking forward to finding out more about your fundraiser. Take good care of yourself and each other.

  112. Lara says

    hi kate,

    i’m a regular reader who doesn’t usually ever comment, but wanted to leave a short message sending positive vibes your way! i’ll totally buy a print!

  113. Erin says

    Longtime reader, rare commenter – I just really appreciate and admire you for writing about this and sharing with us. There are some folks up here in Seattle who quietly love your blog and are thinking of you guys. The fundraiser is a terrific idea, we’re looking forward to being able to help in that small way (and enjoy your beautiful work!). Wishing you some comfort and peace…

  114. says

    Adding on to the condolences and best wishes. I don’t know what to say–I want to encourage you as much as possible, but I don’t want to dismiss or belittle the situation. I do think that ultimately, everything will turn out okay, and that your strength (and Will’s) will surprise you. Glad to hear about Medi-Cal & the fundraiser, too.

  115. says

    I’m so sorry to hear this, Kate. Keep calm and carry on. While this is an over-used phrase these days, it really does make me feel better in hard times.


  116. Mel says

    Just a regular reader here to show some love. Will be thinking of you and Will, sending nothing but good thoughts your way. Love love.

  117. Maggie says

    So sorry to hear about this. Your blog has become an inspiration to me over this past year, and my thoughts are with you as you go through this awful situation. This honestly makes my heart hurt- To people who don’t believe health care in this country is an issue, they should take a hard look at people like you and Will, who should be worrying about so many things rather than health care bills at a time like this.

  118. says

    i gasped when i read this, mostly in shock and disbelief. you and will seem to be such wonderful creative and caring people and it’s just so infuriating to hear when bad things happen to such good people. i’m glad you have each other for support and i know you guys will make it through together and will be that much stronger for it.

    know that everyone from friends to family and lots and lots of strangers are routing for you. lots of hugs!

  119. Isahrai says

    Echoing all the love and support that has already been shared here. All of the comments about community are so authentic and truly reflect what the internet has become. I’ve had several bouts with cancer over the past decade, all of them without health insurance. With a bit of creativity, a lot of hard work and major persistence (okay, sometimes major annoying nagging) it can be survived, paid for even with a little left over to pay for a cocktail or two. Cancer has been the hardest thing I’ve ever endured… and also the most inspiring. It was the catalyst for me to move to another country, to pursue my dream career and to paint my bedroom whatever color I want, whenever I want. It can all be done and it can all be done with grace and laughter. I wish you & Will wellness, peace and moments of pure silliness. We’re all here waiting to help whenever we can… just ask.

  120. David says

    I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease last year. Some days are so hard. But you just deal and get on with it the best you can. Dealing can mean crying and staying in bed all day. Dealing can mean reading an Eleanor Roosevelt quote and balling your fists and charging through the day. Dealing can mean just sitting in a park and looking at clouds. Dealing can mean working hard and being thankful money is still coming in. No right or wrong. No instruction booklet. It’s just life. But one piece of advice–do all you can to un-complicate your life and cut back as much as you can to save money (often hand-in hand). I send you prayers from Japan.

  121. says

    Hi Kate and Will,
    As many others have already mentioned, I have been following this blog for years now. I really love peaking into a life so different from my own.
    My heart sank when I read this. You have great courage to have written this post and I really admire you for that.
    My grandfather had cancer a number of years ago (we were quite close), and I know how difficult it was to watch him suffer. I got angry, sad, even despondent, but through this time, I grew closer to him than I had ever been before. Unfortunately he passed away (it was quite a virulent cancer, not testicular) but even now I still feel so close to him and the time I spent with him is one of my most precious memories.
    I’m not saying this to make you sad, but to point out (as has already been pointed out by others) – you have each other. Hold onto that. Particularly at this time, you are each other’s most precious possession.

  122. says

    As a long time silent reader of your blog, I feel I must break my silent streak to wish you and Will the very, very, very best. Thinking of you, strangers.

  123. Siri says

    Oh Kate. I’m so sorry. A close fried of mine also had testicular cancer, and thankfully he made it through. One of the things that helped him and his family was to set up a Caring Bridge site. It’s difficult to be constantly giving updates and Caring Bridge makes it easier for your loved ones to get whatever information you want to provide. You will both be in my thoughts throughout these weeks and in the recovery time. If there is anything we blog readers can do, please let us know.

  124. says

    My heart dropped when I read this yesterday, and I couldn’t think of the words to say.
    And even though I don’t know you, you both have crept into my thoughts today.
    I’ll be sending all my healing thoughts you to and Will.
    P.S. I think all of our collective positive thoughts will result in a speedy and permanent recovery. ^_^!

  125. says

    oh kate, this breaks my heart. cancer is so unfair! i hope these next few months are fast and as painless as possible for you and will and that he recovers quickly. all of my thoughts are with you. please, please, please start having good things happen soon!

  126. says

    I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how scared/worried you both are. a good friend of mine was diagnosed with testicular cancer 10 years ago and came through it and is happy and healthy today. I’ll keep you both in my prayers and will be sending lots of love your way. xo

  127. says

    I wish you and Will all the most positive vibes and love during your struggle.
    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 6 years ago and coming from a country where my government pays for our medical care I can not fathom how much harder it will be for you having to pay for it all yourselves. I’m sure anyone and everyone who reads your blog will jump at the opportunity to help.
    Love and well wishes to you both.


  128. says

    kate, i’m truly saddened to hear about this news. i’ll be praying for you and your husband. for healing, a speedy recovery, strength, clarity, and faith. myself and a few friends of mine i know would be more than happy to support your poster fund. keep going strong xo.

  129. says

    this brought tears to my eyes. You write co clearly and elegantly about the situation Kate. All good thoughts and positive energy I have are coming Wills way. I’ll be thinking about you both often in the next weeks.

  130. says

    I’m so terribly sorry for Will and for you. Shitty news like this, hearing of the boogeyman that is cancer, can stop me, a complete stranger, in my tracks. My brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was in his early 20s, 8 years ago. Even though it initially crushed us (I still have vivid memories of my father tearfully breaking the news to my sister and me while out to lunch), we were overjoyed to learn that it is indeed one of the most treatable cancers. With surprising speed, everything was treated and his cancer was gone. And it’s stayed gone. Fancypants technology and good old loving support will help Will kick this cancer’s ass so you two can chug along together for years and years to come. xo

  131. says

    kate and will, i’m a pretty sporadic visitor so i’m just reading of this now. i’m so sorry. you will both get through this with the love and support you have for one another. sending nothing but good energy your way.

  132. says

    I’m only just catching up on all this now and have nothing meaningful to say – what could I possibly add? Except to add my voice to the chorus of love and support. I will be thinking of you both very often and hoping only the best outcome for you. And, should the opportunity arise, I’d love to help in any practical way too. It all seems like a fierce injustice, but look at the fine mettle you’re made of!

  133. Jo in NZ says

    I have never commented on your blog before, Kate, but am a long time reader who wanted to add her voice to the chorus of love and support. Much, much love from New Zealand — please do let us know how we can send $. It would be an honour for all the inspiration you give xxxx

  134. says

    I read this the other day and have been thinking of you both. Felt like I should stop and say so. I know that the well-meaning thoughts of others can’t help with the cancer, but hopefully it helps with feelings of having to go through something alone. I’ve been reading your blog for ages, and through the cracks you’ve let us get to know Will a bit. I’m so sorry that such a big challenge (the real “big C”) has landed on your plates, but you are in good hands and you have each other. Sending some healing thoughts your way. Hugs from Toronto…

  135. says

    Also, as Jo mentioned just above here, I’m sure some people would like to make financial contributions. Setting up a donation link on your page for Will’s treatment wouldn’t be too forward. Many of your readers may want to help if they can. (Stupid US healthcare.)

  136. Ann says

    Thinking of you (who of course I have never met) and sending you all great wishes and healing and all good things. That you have each other is amazing. Do take care of yourselves. This blog is just a wonderful place to visit, and, personally, I think that it’s brave and good that you both have decided to share this. Good luck.

  137. says

    my heart goes out to the two of you. i remember last year when my brother was diagnosed i wished he had a partner to go through it with. your love is magical and strong. it will give you strength in this time of need. i look forward to supporting you guys in any way possible.

  138. Trina says

    I have been a reader of your blog for years but this is the first time I’ve commented. I just wanted you to know that I will be sending positive vibes your way from Toronto. This is a situation that unfortunately too many people can relate with so please consider this message a long distance hug from me.

  139. says

    Hi Kate, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You are stronger than you think to be able to share this with world. Please keep us posted. I hope for very speedy recovery :)

  140. natalie says

    i will send my support and share the request/news if you fundraise (without the added incentive of a print) because i’ve been a longtime reader and i wish the big-best results for you both!

  141. says

    Hello from another unvisible reader until now. I feel like I should really leave a comment now as I am thinking about you two people the whole day. The thought of someone you love being sick of of being so cruely sick yourself is such a big fear to everyone. I can’t even imagine how this feels like eventhough I have made my own experiences with friends and family being that sick. Thanks for the honesty and for sharing these sad news. I think about you and send you positifity and support. I would love to help out in some way as probably most reader would, so please let us know if we can support somehow through internet or with some kind of donation. Big internet hugs by Maike

  142. says

    i live in los angeles (i’m the one who spotted you at the salvation army in santa monica then bumped into you at container store in century city!) and i want to say, in total seriousness, i am here as a resource.

    if you need someone to go to the grocery store…
    to water your plants…
    to clean your apartment…
    to drop off paperwork or give you a ride or whatever other element i can provide to alleviate the stress of treatment while also trying to keep up with life. i know they are little things, but if they ever feel big or insurmountable, let anyone who can, help you.

    my email is and you can use it at any time for anything.

    obviously will and his speedy recovery are in all of our thoughts.

  143. says

    I’ve been thinking about you so much since I first read this post yesterday. Just know that SO many people are sending love your way. Also know that you.will.get.through.this.

  144. Alison says

    I have never commented here before but I’m a consistent visitor to your corner of the internet. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you both…because at the end of the day, I know that’s the only thing that will make a difference. Thank you for your honesty and courage here…and for continuing to bring color to our world through this site, even in the midst of this storm.

  145. Sarah says


    I wish I had a tenth of your graceful writing style to be able to find some some words of comfort. Instead I am sending Will and you hugs from the south coast of Britain.

    I know you said about prints but maybe some sort of ‘crowd funding’ might provide better resources. We donate now to a project that you and Will can do when all of his treatment is over-a video, prints, or whatever you fancy.

  146. riye says

    I’m really sorry about the diagnosis and just wanted to send good wishes your way! I spent the few years taking care of my mum (kidney cancer) and I won’t lie–it really sucked sometimes and sometimes we felt like what we did was never enough. But you know what? You can only do what you can do. And as scary as cancer is, people do survive and get better–and you guys will too.

  147. Sarah says

    Sending good hardcore serious crazy positive feelings and love to you and Will and both your families and friends. You will all kick the shit out of the cancer together-stay tough! Big big love.

  148. says

    So sorry to hear this news… my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and it was so scary… now it’s September and she is already finished with treatment and cancer-free. I also struggled with how to deal with the blog and what to share while going through such a stressful time. I ended up only vaguely referring to a loved-one’s diagnosis… your honesty is appreciated and allows others to give you strength and make you feel less alone. I know the c-word is so scary, but it’s amazing how far treatment has come… Stay strong.

  149. says

    Wow I’m so sorry and sad to hear this Kate. Both of you need to stay strong and healthy through this (rest, nutritious food, cut out sugar – I’ve been told this helps etc). I would love to help in any way I can with raising money for the treatment. Keep us all posted. Sending love and hugs from Toronto..xoxo

  150. says

    As one of your faithful internet readers, I’m so sad to hear this news. I will be thinking of you both and sending healing light your way. xo

  151. says

    Aw, honey, as soon as I saw the title of that post my heart sank, but DAMN are you two a pair of brave, amazing souls. I’m so sad to learn the terrible news, and can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through, but I’m so glad you know you’ve got this cadre of love and support behind you on this magical little blog. We’re here for you and Will and we love you and we’re cheering for you all the way.


  152. says

    I have been a faithful reader, or should I say, you have faithfully poured your soul in photographs on this site, and I have enjoyed the ride. A dear, dear friend of mine got cancer last year, and there is nothing comforting to say except that the Lord is the only comfort in times of need. Keep posting, and I’ll keep loving your site.

  153. says

    i’m so sorry. cancer has crept into my life as well. it sucks. my aunt and father-in-law have both battled it. it’s so hard to see such suffering. hang in there! sending good healing vibes, good thoughts + prayers your way!

  154. says

    Like many others have expressed, I’m sorry to read this post. I know that you’ll remain a strong and solid rock for Will to lean upon. Here’s to a speedy recovery and successful chemo. I will keep you both in my thoughts.

  155. says

    You and Will have been in my thoughts all day and I wish I knew what more to say other than I’m so, so sorry. Richard and I are sending you massive amounts of love and support from over here in New Zealand, and are so excited for the day that this is all behind you both and you continue on into an amazing future together. xoxo

  156. says

    So sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way! The posters sound like a great idea, much better than starting a meth lab. ;)

  157. says

    Being Australian, I don’t quote understand the health insurance or cost-of-treatment situation, but I know that it can be difficult enough keeping up with medical expenses even in this lucky country, and even with my good insurance.

    Know that we Internet People will be happy to support you in any way we can. A few dollars from strange corners of the world can definitely add up to help.

    Cuddles from the Antipodes…

    Amber x

  158. says

    Ugh. As scary and awful as it all seems you can get through it. I know exactly how scary this is, and overwhelming. I have had surgery to remove precancerous cervical lesions twice now. It is really scary – for you and Will. I felt so guilty to think about what I might be putting my husband through, even though I know it is no fault of my own and I think he felt very helpless and frustrated because there was nothing he could really do to make it all better. Being from Canada and now living in the states I also understand the frustration with the health care system here. It is confusing and complicated, back in Canada I never EVER saw a bill. I wish I wish we had that here. Maybe one day.

    I will send all positive vibes I can your way.

  159. says

    Dear Kate,

    I am sorry for the delayed comment about this, I just checked your page today. I am so sorry for all that you and Will are going through. I know that this must be a very tough time. I agree with the quote your friend sent you and you are most definitely a strong woman! I wish you the best of luck with Will’s recovery and if you need anything (of course I will be contributing to your fundraiser!) please let me know! Even though I’m here in Philadelphia, I’m still here for you :)
    Much love girl.

  160. says

    So sorry to hear the sad news, but like all the rest of your daily readers and supporters, I’m definitely rooting for you guys and sending good thoughts your way.

  161. Mary says

    As well as everyone else that has commented, I feel I have to tell you that I have been reading your blog for years now and feel like I know you and Will personally. It breaks my heart to read this post and I only wish the two of you the best of luck in these upcoming times. You are in my thoughts.

  162. says

    sorry to hear he has to go through all this. I just finished 4 treatments of infusion and the cost itself almost sent me back to the er haha. I had to drop out of grad school since everything got so expensive. It definitely sucks, but you guys will pull through. best of luck to both of you!

  163. says

    consider me your 255th supporter. i don’t think i’ve ever commented on one of your posts before, but i read your blog every weekend. i’m so, so sorry to hear about will. i’m also dealing with some health issues that are much less serious, and yet they are still stressing me out, so i can and can’t imagine how you guys must be feeling. i wish you all the best, and i’m definitely going to stay posted on your fundraiser! you both will be in my thoughts.

  164. says

    Kate, I am so, so sorry to hear this. I teared up reading your post, and of course I don’t even really know you or Will. The internet is a pretty magical place like that–know that you have (yet another) blog reader who is wishing you both good, healing wishes through this.

  165. Daniela says

    Hello Kate, I´ve been reading (and loving) your blog for a long time but felt a little shy to comment this post, because it is so personal.
    I know everything will be ok for you and will in the future but for now I can only wish you a bundle of positive thoughts.
    I´m sending you this Viniciousv song by Antonio Zambujo – because I think it´s so sweet and delicate and soothing like a lullaby (when I´m sad that´s what I like to do, hear music, or see cat videos on youtube

    força! (that´s courage in portuguese)

  166. Tara says

    You and Will are in my prayers. I am so sorry you have to deal with this situation. Let your readers know what we can do to assist you.

  167. says

    Kate, I just read this and wanted to add my support. My oldest friend has just had a mastectomy and I can’t imagine having to stress about the cost of medical care on top of dealing with the C word. Sending all positive thoughts to you and Will, you will get through it. xx

  168. says

    Kate, you already know you have the support of all of us out here in the blogosphere. Cancer is never *not* scary, but thankfully Will has already begun his journey on the path to recovery.

    My very close friend was diagnosed with testicular cancer in his mid-30s. After surgery and the very un-fun regimen of chemo, he has been cancer-free for several years now. Annual scans and tests are always needed, but he has thankfully come through each one in good health. I wish the same outcome for Will, and strength to him, you, and all those who love you both. My prayers and good wishes will be with you.

  169. says

    I’m so sorry that you guys are going through such a difficult and stressful time. I’m sending good thoughts and best wishes for a fast and full recovery.

  170. mel says

    Kate & Will, so sorry you have to go through this. Glad to hear that it’s Lance Armstrong-esque though at least. You’re both in my thoughts and I wish you luck with all the awful $$ details.

  171. maryam says

    Wishing you both the best possible in the coming days. It feels strange commenting because I don’t actually know you but the internet has a funny way of shrinking the world and your blog post really hit close to home for me, having had loved ones battle this evil crappy disease.

    Keep doing what you do and thank you for that awesome quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

  172. says

    I am so so sorry to hear this, but there is strength all around you both. Hold on to that strength and keep as many positive thoughts about you as often as possible. I’ll be praying for you guys.

  173. m says

    i suck at reading blogs on any type of schedule but yours has always been one i check in on. i commend you on your honesty in revealing such a private struggle and i wish you both the very best and will a speedy recovery. <3

  174. says

    You are both in my thoughts and I’m really saddened to hear this news. Strength and courage will get you through this and I love that you’ve been so open about all of this. We’re all here cheering for you both!

  175. says

    kate, wow. what can i say that has not already been said. wishing you guys the best and sending good vibes your way. stay strong, much love. xx

  176. belinda says

    i dont know you but i love your blog and your eye for capturing the beauty and simplicity of life.
    it is courageous to be so open and i hope it is healing to share your experience online.
    Medicine and cancer treatment is so good these days, I can’t see him not getting through it with bells on.

  177. Vanessa says

    There’s nothing more I can add that others haven’t said much more beautifully, but I just wanted to add my voice to the mass wishing you and Will the best. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for a while now, and I love seeing all your work and all the ways you’ve helped bring beauty to this world. Best of luck. ::internet hugs::

  178. Sarah says

    I don’t usually comment, but always admire your photography and way with words from a far. Now I am admiring the strength with which the both of you are handling this situation. I’d love to purchase a print once they are ready. x

  179. says

    oh god, i’m so so sorry kate. fucking cancer. been through this with my mom. know that i’m thinking of you guys all the way down here in africa. xx

  180. Cara says

    Kate I’ve read your blog for a long time and never commented. I should have long before now, because it always inspires me. But for now, I just want to send lots of aroha (love) your and Will’s way. Take care of each other xxCara

  181. says

    Wow Kate, I am truly sorry to hear this. Saddened by the news but hopeful for the results. Thinking of you both — please let us know if there is anything we ‘online’ friends can do to help! xo

  182. says

    i cried when i read this…kate, my thoughts are with you and will. looking forward to buying one of your prints and i will definitely spread the word. you are strong!

  183. says

    I recently stumbled upon your blog. So sorry to hear about this. As the wife of a cancer survivor myself, I know what you’re going through!! Will be praying for you.

  184. erin says

    Kate, I’m so sorry to read this news. I’ll be thinking of you and sending all the best positive vibes and thoughts your way for Will to make a swift and strong recovery.

  185. says

    I had not known the reason for your sad tweets. And now I found this surprise via Brian’s lovely ‘The Blue Hour’ blog, in that intersecting webby world kind of way. And I wonder how you have been able to tweet at all. Sadly I know, like so many others, the crashing disruptive path cancer can take through a life. I wish for you: good news, kind & loving friends, hope, and humour. It sounds like you already have love, in spades.

  186. says

    Will & Kate,

    My heart goes out to you. I’m impressed by the amount of internet love you’ve generated. It just goes to show the love that is in the world, and the miracles that can come from reaching out.

    I totally get both the appreciation of so many well wishes, and also how overwhelming it can be. My father died in May and then I was diagnosed with melanoma in June and dealt with a series of surgeries. I was thankful every day for insurance and can only imagine how it might have been to deal with it without. It is already stressful enough.

    Hang in there and keep reaching out to the world.


    (sister of a friend of Sarah’s in Portland)

  187. says

    Kate and Will, I am so sorry for hear of this. As someone who has had to deal with a serious injury without medical insurance in the past, I feel for you- the extra toll that worrying about financial issues takes is not small. You are both in my thoughts.

  188. says


    A co-worker of mine just completed his blog
    It’s about the same sort of cancer – how he fought and beat it. It’s amazing. Start at the beginning and hopefully find inspiration from it. His blog became so popular that he has been asked to speak at events about his experiences.

    Good luck. Sending good vibes,



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