a fundraiser

Some prints from the shop

I’ll preface this for those of you visiting this post from links elsewhere or Etsy by telling you first what this is all about: my boyfriend Will was diagnosed with testicular cancer recently and he is thousands of dollars in debt due to the surgery he had to remove a tumor, tests, doctors visits and all that fun stuff that he was forced to put on his credit card (the hospital refused to bill him). Will is currently unemployed and unable to work because of his condition and is without health insurance until we can get help from the state which will hopefully pay for his chemo.

Will and I are both very overwhelmed by your support and willingness to help us out on my last post about this. So many of you have offered to donate money without any incentive, but we’re not into that idea just yet, so we’re selling some prints of our work as a fundraiser. I’ve opened back up my Etsy shop with some prints of my photos and Will’s collage pieces. If there is any work of ours (Will / Me)  that you don’t see in the shop and you’d like to purchase as a print, email me (katemiss at gmail.com) and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll be re-stocking the prints if they sell out as well.

And please don’t feel obligated or bad if you can’t help out. It pains me to ask for help right now when so many people are hurting financially right now, but so many of you asked if we could do this that it felt right. Spreading the word is much appreciated.

This all being said, you guys mean the world to us right now, from strangers to good friends. It feels like there’s an entire village behind us right now, rooting us on, which floors us. If any good can come of this situation it’s restoring my faith in community and compassion for others, despite what the world may look like when you watch the news.