Bits Of My Weekend

my best guys
new growth
stellar sunset
sunset lit

From the looks of these photos it probably seems like all I did was enjoy a pretty sunset and the satisfaction of cacti growing well, which is partially true because I’m so behind with work right now I have an indent from my computer chair on my back. BUT we did try to get out this weekend before getting out to do things is a rare occurrence around here. We saw Drive (Will loved it and I mostly loved it but have a hard time handling that much violence so if Ryan Dreamboat Gosling hadn’t been in it, I don’t know if I would have loved it), celebrated my birthday a little early with my uncle in Burbank, and had a disappointing trip to the Melrose Trading Post (forgot my camera, natch). But mostly, I was glued to my computer with the worst case of a creative block that I cannot shake. Probably due to the fact that I have not taken a full day off to relax in weeks, but what are you going to do? I’m so behind. Lately I’m grateful to be freelance so I can be home for Will, but it also comes with the downside of having to make up for all this time off for doctors appointments and such – there are no personal days in freelance, just schedule re-arranging. I just need someone to pay me a bajillion dollars to change the colors of their logo or something, is that too much to ask for?? :)

In other news, there is no new news, but our spirits are high and we’re plugging away slowly at getting prints made, so, soon!