Bits Of My Weekend

pumpkin pancakes
it's my cat in a box
homemade hummus
special guy
Malibu creek state park
pumpkin pancakes | box life | homemade hummus | hanging out at Malibu Creek state park | a healthy dinner
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I just finished up a roll of film I’ve been shooting for the past week, so I didn’t take a ton of photos until Sunday afternoon when we met up with Jennifer and her husband at Malibu Creek state park for a picnic, which was so beautiful and peaceful. Other weekend fun included lots of cooking and LOTS of fundraiser work. We’re still in awe about the fundraiser and I just can’t believe how many people are helping us out right now. I feel like I’ve run out of ways to say thank you.

Today is my 28th birthday. We had a fun trip to the desert planned but as soon as we found out about Will’s diagnosis, I cancelled it and we decided that we should celebrate both of our birthdays (Will’s is next month) after he is better and we can take a real vacation to celebrate birthdays and being healthy. Will was supposed to start chemo today but we are still sitting around waiting for insurance news and what the heck the plan is, so we’ll probably get to go out for a nice dinner, courtesy of birthday money (thanks, Grandma!) and finish the night off by having a heart attack while watching the Breaking Bad finale.

In happier news, did you know that Ebay has an awesome blog? They do, it’s true. And today I’m featured on it with an interview I did recently. Please check it out! The article makes me acutely aware of how awkward my last name is. Haaaa.