Bits Of My Weekend

finally, a lamp
new hangout area
garage sale
on a clear day...
thriving plants | dining | jazzed up kitchen nook | new plant hangout area | Scoops | garage sale drawings | a clear view

First and foremost, good news came our way Friday afternoon: Will was approved for Medi-Cal! It didn’t come without frustration as we found out his caseworker sat on the paperwork for a week that we overnighted to her and she forgot about, so we both wanted to hug her and throw her down a flight of stairs (kidding! sort of!), but the important thing is YAY! Then there was some epic fundraiser printing and shipping, a gathering of friends for the first time in our apartment that involved delicious drinks and the most massive Sunday hangover I’ve had in ages, a walk to Scoops for said hangover (disappointing, Pazzo Gelato is still my fave), and some plant re-potting (I think I’m more of a plant lady than a cat lady lately). A great weekend indeed.