Bits Of My Weekend

on a good day
biscuit making
water droplet beard
this place
a peek
hair, lighter

the sign | biscuit making | water droplet beard | the kitchen, my best friend lately | a peek at new things | lighter hair | pretty LA on a walk

Well, where to start. I know this is bits of my weekend, but I’ll start with last week, when I briefly lost sight of perspective and positivity. The chemo started to finally eat away at Will and there was a low point of panic: “is this how it will always be? I can’t do this”, and since that moment he has not left the apartment. Slowly he’s returning to a state of alertness and moving around the apartment (thanking our lucky stars), but he’s too tired to stand for very long and isn’t supposed to be in bright sunlight, which is laughable in this summery weather we’re having. Yes, it snowed in New York and was 80 degrees that very day here in LA. So this means I juggle a monotonous cycle of getting a lot of work done, cooking every single meal at home, and all these little trips outside the apartment alone. You know how I feel about doing things alone, longtime readers. I realize I should force friends to drag me out of this apartment, but the catch is that I have so much to do. I’m so far behind on jewelry it’s pathetic, and little projects are piling up from my week of not being very productive. So this is a good time to hunker down and kick some ass (cut to me looking very boring on a computer, “kicking ass”), while simultaneously playing nurse. And bleaching my hair? I needed a break from the routine, I guess. I finally got the hang of what I needed this weekend – walking to all my errands, even if they’re not that close. Bring the New Yorker inside of me to the table. Whenever I walk somewhere here I think, “why don’t I do this more often?” as the sunshine on my skin makes me feel new and the silent walk lets me parse my thoughts. Oh and Phish food ice cream, lots of it. Cures anything.

Thursday we’re going to Palm Springs for 24 hours of being holed up somewhere else, at the request of Will, who I believe is getting stir crazy. Eating every meal at home saves you some crazy money, enough to squirrel away one super on sale hotel room through a flash sale site. I’m jazzed.