Friday Bits

Just a small Friday Bits today as this fundraiser is keeping me quite busy this week. Sending out the second batch today, a third tomorrow, and hopefully the rest of the paper (back ordered, my luck) comes early next week and I can ship the rest! Nothing feels more satisfying than taking a giant stack of packages to the post office, I tell you.

1. These Forget Me Not Scarves are so great.
2. Have you ever wondered what an Ira Glass sex tape would be like? (don’t worry, there’s no NSFW imagery)
3. Somehow I missed back in August that Mondo Boys have a new amazing Weird Summer mix, Desert Island. It’s been the most perfect soundtrack to this little heatwave we’re having.
4. A beautiful handmade porcelain bangle by Erin Lightfoot. via Danica

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. I’m looking forward to cooler temps (cooler = perhaps dipping below 80 a little? ugh) and drinks with friends.