On Being Wordless


Over the summer I noticed a lot of bloggers posting photos with few to no words while they took it a little easier online (both taking part and not taking park in August Break). I thought it was a rather lovely break – just some simple photos of their lives and that’s it. But I noticed a funny thing in the comments section: people can’t handle you posting photos with no explanation, especially if that’s not your usual way of doing things on your blog. People want answers. We want recipes, locations, directions, brands, names, details. We want that Pinterest-like click through to where we can buy the same pants and dishes and so on. And it’s not particularly a bad thing. We hold bloggers to a certain standard of crediting others’ work they blog about, and we’re no different about crediting the portions of their own lives they blog about. It’s why I started captioning Bits Of My Weekend at the bottom of the photos – people are so inquisitive it seemed like a good move to just give you all the details up front. I find myself commenting now and then asking those same type of questions – where did you get that poster? Who made your shoes? But Sandra said it best recently: “The internet is so full of information that I happily share pictures with as little text information as possible, hoping to inspire you instead of informing you.” Well said. I love it, I do.

So with that really inspiring me, everything going on in my life making me rather sluggish to dig up things to post about, and being incredibly busy right now, I’m taking a break from words for the rest of the month on this blog. Sometimes I daydream about being one of those more mysterious bloggers who you don’t know much about but they post really inspiring things. But the truth is that I’m not that chatty in real life so I get it all out here. But I need a little break. So, for the next two weeks, no words beyond post titles. Luckily I just got a great roll of film developed (if I do say so myself) so I have some photos to share, plus some music here and there.

So here we go. Shhhh.

*I thought it only fitting to counter a post with so many words with a photo of absolutely nothing.