bird watching duty
Wendy, on bird watching duty this morning


As of right now, I will not be re-stocking any more prints in our fundraiser print shop. And tomorrow evening I will be taking any leftover prints down. Why, you ask? Because we’ve done what I didn’t think was possible so quickly: we’ve just about reached our goal. Will can pay those bills and his ridiculous credit card debt from medical expenses. It’s tricky because bills could still come our way here and there, and Will is still out of a job til the end of the year while I support both of us. But the fundraiser became so gigantic that it’s become too much to keep up with and we’re back on our feet to a place that doesn’t feel so scary anymore and that we feel we can handle financially, so we’ve decided it’s a good time to stop it after one very incredible week.

I also have to point out that there were a lot of amazing people who donated money without any incentive of a print, including a group of wonderful people who know who they are that brought us a check on Saturday that we’re eternally grateful for. These donations and the shop sales have brought a wave of joy into our lives: we’ve cried, we’ve jumped up and down, our mouths have hung open staring at my Paypal account.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for making a difference in our lives during a time when we thought our future was ruined. The battle hasn’t even really begun yet as Will starts chemo next week (I’ll spare you all the hospital/insurance details until I know them exactly in another post soon) but it’s so much less terrifying knowing that we don’t have giant bills looming over our heads and that we are not alone. We are not alone one bit.

Kate + Will