Thank you

three hearts

I’m taking a break from Friday Bits today because I have bigger fish to fry and this fundraiser is consuming my life right now. It’s been such a wild success and has grown more than we ever, ever thought it would already. I’ve already had to order more supplies and ran out of those supplies before even having them in my hands and had to order more. Watching the orders come in and see familiar blogger names and old friends makes our hearts swell more than you can even imagine. My gut reaction is astonishment, but I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the internet, and combined with the compassion of friends, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.

I’ve been getting similar emails since the fundraiser started saying that someone wants to help, but can’t, but will buy something the minute they have the money. I hope that none of you feel obligated or are spending your last dime on this as that defeats the purpose of this fundraiser and makes me feel a bit crummy. Just your words of support and love mean more than any print purchase could.

A lot of you have asked if I will be selling jewelry for this fundraiser, and that’s a tricky thing. See, I depend on jewelry sales to live off of. It’s my business and I need to have shop updates every month now to survive as a freelancer. All of the proceeds from the print sales are a totally separate thing that will go straight to Will’s medical bills. So I can’t donate any of my jewelry funds to Will’s bills right now, but when I do have shop updates (hopefully the next one in a couple weeks), you’re supporting us anyway as my income will be supporting both of us in the coming months during Will’s chemo treatment.

Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who has purchased something, tweeted, re-posted and shared on facebook this fundraiser. We’re in a daze of amazement and there aren’t enough words in the world to say thank you. I asked Will if he would do a guest post here soon because I feel like all of this has been from my perspective, and I think that will be really good to hear from the person this is effecting most.

ps. if you have ordered a print, it’s going to take me a bit longer than I thought to get these out, so I apologize if it takes me a week or so to do so! I have more supplies coming and hope it’s not too long of a wait. I would rather keep the shop open and back-order prints then close it til I catch up.