Adventures in Casting

arrow bead

As some of you guessed correctly from my wordless peek, I recently took a casting class. I signed up through LACC because it’s just a few short blocks from my apartment and I’ve always wanted to learn how to carve wax. But the class ended up being more focused on the casting process with little instruction on wax carving and at an artist’s studio in Echo Park (one of those amazing LA craftsman’s on the top of a hill that make you jealous to the bones). I really wanted to focus more on the wax carving since I will never have the means to cast things myself and I’m more of a designer than a fabricator, but it was really great to learn about the process and I came away from the class with two wonderful, imperfect brass beads I made. I was making them down to the wire due to the class being so tiny and sharing the tools and instructor’s help was a struggle, so I didn’t get to polish them, but I’m more of a non-shiny person anyway.

trapezoid bead

I would really love for these to eventually join my line to compliment my brass drops, but I want to re-carve them to be a touch smaller and perfect the shapes, and then I have to find someone to produce them for me, which I know close to zip about. So, someday, after more research. Wax carving is pretty great though, my mind races with all of the possibilities! I’d love to re-make my brass drops myself as well as they are difficult for me to procure and are sometimes in poor shape when I buy them. Things! So many things in my never ending bucket list.

geo beads