Bits Of My Weekend

dyeing yarn | couscous soup | easy cookies | picnicking with Henry | gratuitous belly shot

Will wrapped up another five-day infusion cycle this weekend, and I have to admit that between that and everything on my plate, I feel as though I’m on the brink of burning out. I haven’t had a day off in weeks, and my to-do list goes nowhere – there are not enough hours in the day. When Jamie and her lovely family came through town and asked if I wanted to have a picnic with them, my first instinct was that I didn’t have enough time, but I realized how much I needed an hour or two of just sitting in the sun doing nothing more than having good conversation and watching a cute baby be fascinated by grass and plastic cups. I took a step back to make cookies and dye yarn and try to have a few moments that vaguely resembled a traditional “weekend”, ha. I decided that I won’t take on any new projects til the new year, just wrap things up on my plate now and focus on jewelry and taking care of Will, whose energy is up and down. I’m not the fantastic project juggler I used to be, it’s impossible when your mind is so full. And that’s perfectly ok. Saying no is totally ok.

I also have to take a moment to express some gratitude for the amazing friends and family who have sent us care packages lately and weekly emails to check in or just share a funny story or video (my dad could start his own tumblr of cat videos now). We are so ridiculously lucky to have people like you in our lives. You keep our spirits high. Just five weeks left, we can do this.