Bits Of My Weekend

fancy nails
rainy day tea
rainy day
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Things finally have slowed down a bit as I wrap up design projects and I can breathe. I slept in til eight thirty (whoa) both days, and only worked a little bit on Saturday, taking the world’s longest walk around Los Feliz, trying to walk on streets I’ve never stepped foot nor car on before while picking out which adorable bungalows I want to live in. I only took my film camera with me, but trust me, it happened, and it was glorious until my feet reminded me that I’m not a New Yorker anymore and I never walk like that these days. I’m trying to embrace doing things alone, savor the silence and seek out quiet places in LA, which is hard sometimes in our neighborhood. I’m trying not to hold it against this side of LA lately that I associate it with Will being sick now and find things that make me happy here, but it’s difficult sometimes. After this, will I ever be able to drive along Beverly Blvd without feeling like I’m driving to the hospital? Will I associated walks around Los Feliz with the fact that I walked alone because I had to, not because I wanted to? I’ve always had terrible grass is greener syndrome when it comes to where I live, and this is not helping. When crazy people cut us off while I’m trying to drive my nauseated guy somewhere or a crazed neighbor is laying on their horn outside our window while Will is trying to sleep I can’t help but wish we lived so far away from a busy city right now. So I try hard to not focus on those silly things and remember what my grandpa recently told me about cities and why he’s stayed where he is for so long even though he daydreams, “There is no Utopia, home is what you make of it.” So we make tea and watch the rain (and feel grateful that rain means quieter neighbors) and enjoy our little slice of peace inside these walls in the middle of a sometimes chaotic land.

ps. totally unrelated, but there are still some things left in the shop