Bits Of My Weekend

if you build it, they will sun
cardamom meringue pumpkin pie
new mug
city peek
seeking out Fall in LA
'tis the season
a dish, a pledge
work table
plant table | cardamom meringue pumpkin pie | Heath | finding Fall | mandarin season | a little gift | work desk | glowing cheer

Things that happened: over eight miles of Los Feliz covered by foot – seeking out Fall and a little quiet in my head, some little plant tables were constructed to keep me busy and productive, brunch at Little Dom’s with pals (the day after Thanksgiving, what were we thinking??), jewelry was made, turkey leftovers and pie were eaten (that pie is the only Thanksgiving evidence I have), Christmas lights were strung for cheer, mandarins were eaten by the pound.

Today is Will’s 30th birthday. I’m grateful that he’s in between cycles so he’s practically feeling normal today, and an old friend from Brooklyn is in town and coming for dinner, which will make things feel more special. Could a 30th birthday be more monumental and a little shaking than having cancer? He’s taking it like a champ though, and we are so thrilled that Wednesday he starts his last cycle, his last bad week and then two easy ones. A strangely good birthday present. I’m about to order him a ridiculous brunch from our favorite neighborhood spot and eat omelets in bed. Top notch.