It Chooses You

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But the moment I got back in my car I knew I would never see him again, ever. It suddenly seemed obvious to me that the whole world, especially Los Angeles, was designed to protect me from these people I was meeting. There was no law against knowing them, but it wouldn’t happen. LA isn’t a walking city, or a subway city, so if someone isn’t in my house or my car we’ll never be together, not even for a moment. And just to be absolutely sure of that, when I leave my car my iPhone escorts me, letting everyone else in the post office know that I’m not really with them, I’m with my own people, who are so hilarious that I can’t help smiling to myself as I text them back.

Loving every bit of Miranda July’s new book, It Chooses You, which includes interviews she conducted with people she met through ads in the PennySaver while writing The Future. Being my absolute favorite movie in quite a while, I love getting a glimpse of her thought process of character and plot development. You can read some excerpts from the book in The New Yorker here.

bonus: cats all over the cover and overall, a really well designed book.