A holiday break

We are headed to Arizona today and will be gone until next Wednesday, so in my absence I have some wordless posts with a recent roll of film to share. I’m doing a little experiment and not uploading anything to flickr, so you’ll have even less info on what’s going on, but I imagine the internet will be quite quiet in the coming days anyway.

Also, so many people keep asking me what is going on with Will, and I just wanted to say that we’re not saying anything until we get test results back on January 4th, so maybe if you have a little extra room for prayer and healthy thoughts you could think of him in the coming weeks? He has such a fantastic chance for good news and I feel so confident, but we’ve been sidelined by so much bad news this year that we are prepared for anything that needs to come our way. We have so many thanks and love to gush to you, but not quite yet.

I hope all of you who celebrate have/are having a happy Christmas and Hanukkah! See you next week.