Bits Of My Weekend

Os Gemeos
Hoover Walk
prospect studios
Shakespeare Bridge
Shakespeare Bridge view
reward for the pain
view from some secret stairs
secret stairs
tiny boxes
pretty street
no room at the inn

I will start by telling you briefly that the weekend consisted of nothing too terribly interesting between all the hospital back and forth driving besides the above that was worth photographing, so it’s misleading to call this Bits Of My Weekend when this is really Bits Of My Epic Walk, or Urban Hike, which is most fitting for what I did. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been really into walking lately. I just take a peep at Google Maps and pick a place to walk to, double check to make sure I’m not getting myself into any insane hills that might destroy me or streets with no sidewalks that may kill me (this is LA, afterall), and put my sneakers (yes, I own some) and headphones (my new key ingredient) on and hit the road. But I haven’t been able to go for a walk in almost a week because long infusion weeks are nuts and there is no time for a walk unless I want to get nothing else done. Well, not taking on any more projects lately has paid off in the sanity department (the bank account department is another story…) and Sunday I finally had time for a walk. But since it had been a while I was getting bored of my usual northern route, I decided to take on a much longer walk than usual. I decided I would pick a destination to reward myself with, which I decided would be Trader Joe’s because snacks were calling my name. When I looked at the map, I found a cool way I could walk through the Franklin Hills that didn’t require much of a hill at all, but what looked like an amazing little bridge (Shakespeare Bridge). When I finally made it to the bridge and up and over to Trader Joe’s, I was hungry for more awesomeness and surprisingly not snacks, so I turned around (also Sunday at TJ’s sounded so unappealing after a peaceful walk where I barely saw another human being). I double checked the map on my phone and decided to hike. Literally. I climbed this massive hill on a winding street in the Franklin Hills and when I got to the top I could see the Griffith Observatory and all of Los Feliz and beyond. I kept going and came across one of those secret staircases I always hear about from LA walking legend (ok, my LA walking legend) Alissa.  I didn’t go down it but the view of downtown from above it was pretty spectacular. Now I really want to buy the Secret Stairs book. And speaking of spectacular, the houses up there only get more amazing the higher you go and the quieter the street, but I decided against being a stalker and taking photos. I finally started winding down the other side of the hill, saw the little baby Jesus, and then right when I was back to my boring neighborhood was rewarded with a hummingbird.

I am so ridiculously sore even my arms hurt (why??), but it was pretty amazing. After I picked Will up I felt a little guilty telling him about how amazing it was, but he said he couldn’t wait for me to go again and take him with me when he was better. And I will. Here’s my route if you’re interested. It looks wacky due to my turning around. I edited my address to conceal my secret lair, of course. I actually live farther into the beautiful, trash-free, polite and quiet neighborhood of East Hollywood, thankyouverymuch.

In other news, I am hoping that there will be a shop update tomorrow evening that I unfortunately have to announce a bit last minute. Our apartment building hasn’t received mail in three (!) days for some reason (Santa Ana winds damage?) and I was supposed to get some important supplies for jewelry. So, fingers crossed, it comes today and we can make this happen. Stay tuned!

Holy cow, did you read this whole post? Well if you’re still here I would like you all to join me in high-fiving Will for completing his last long infusion on Sunday. Just two more short visits in the next two weeks. The home mothereffing stretch.