Bits Of My Weekend

ugly galette
dress up
Mohawk Bend
Fieldguided at Myrtle

I have to admit that this past week was one of our roughest. But with the help of care packages (more on that later) and seriously taking it easy this weekend, we got through it. I even at one time felt bored on Sunday. Bored! I forgot what that was like.

Here’s one super awesome not boring thing that happened. Lisa is my new neighbor and I couldn’t have been happier to put on a dress and a pair of heels and have a delicious meal with her (and slightly ridiculous holiday themed cocktails) at Mohawk Bend and check out an awesome new store, Myrtle, in Echo Park. Myrtle is pretty much stocked with products made by every awesome lady friend I know on the internet and it was so cool seeing that stuff in person. I tend to maroon myself on the island that is my apartment lately and I was reminded of how good it feels to have some girl time. I can’t wait for Will to be well enough to be around friends again because he is probably so sick of me right now he never wants to see a cute baby on instagram shoved in his face again (that doesn’t cheer everyone up??).

Let’s do this shiz, week 9, aka THE END, we’re taking you down. They don’t have a bell you get to ring at Cedar’s when you finish treatment (I’ve read about other places having this) but Will says he’s glad they don’t as that would make him feel crappy to see other people ringing the bell if you had a long ways to go. Instead I wish they had a punching bag with the words “cancer” on it that you could beat the absolute hell out of at the end. Maybe something you could safely blow up?? Just some angsty week-fuled ideas I’m throwing out there, guys. I just want to throw scalding hot coffee into cancer’s face, is basically what I’m saying. No big deal!