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Well, we had an interesting Arizona Christmas spent mostly in a retirement community in Mesa and a little town up north. I learned how to shoot a gun, bonded with an 80 year old man over vintage cameras, watched Will slowly turn back into the healthy and chatty guy I know, thrifted an amazing haul with friends (last photo), ate more red meat than my poor stomach ever wants to see again, and saw some of the most beautiful scenery in my life. Also, I left my digital camera at home. I brought along a disposable camera Anabela sent me recently, and indulged in my Instagram addiction instead (above, of course), which was fun. I’ll share the film when I get it back, I feel like I took totally different photos with it than these. I’m so happy to be home, and Wendy is happy to have us back even more – she will not stop climbing all over me. I hope your holidays were great, friends! Now back to reality…


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    I think I’ve mentioned before that I live in Scottsdale & I just want to say (probably ALSO again) how much I enjoy seeing photographs of my home through someone else’s eyes. (Hannah from TLO visits, too, so I get a double-dose of Arizona pics!) Even those parts one can “hate” about where they live seem fresh & quaint. And you & Will look great! :)

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    I’m so happy your lives are regaining some familiarity. Wishing you a healthy 2012 Will and Kate. (coming from London your name combo always makes me smile!) x

  3. Andi says

    Is that Jerome you visited? If so, I am completely jealous, I miss the view and the little winery in that small town. I think Mayner (lead singer of Tool) owns the winery.

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    Aww I’m so glad you guys had a good time! That does look like an amazing haul. And you guys are looking sharp (and healthy) in that first photo!

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    I’m going to be a total nerd and ask you tell us what you think about ‘the marriage plot’ when you finish reading it :) I read it recently, and I’m interested to hear other opinions about it – people seem to either hate it or love it.

    lovely pics Kate!

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    A sweet photo of you and Will… I’m so glad to hear that he’s getting back to his old self. I wish you both a new year filled with happiness, peace, and, most importantly, great health.
    PS: Love the astronaut and majorette ornaments!

  7. gia says

    I’m glad to see Will looking so good! And Mesa looks cool, I might be going there for grad school. I’m kind of scared of the culture shock. But it sounds like you enjoyed it.

  8. Emily says

    Hi Kate, I know you are in the anti-hate blogger gang, which is why I’m surprised you included the somewhat offensive bumper sticker on your holiday bits. I’m a huge fan of your blog and have your art hanging in my office.

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    Oh, Emily I don’t agree with that bumper sticker whatsoever! I was just taking photos of funny things on a walk we were on, documenting the things around us. We were staying in a very conservative retirement community.

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    Desert + family = JUST what you two cats needed. Welcome home and happy New Year!

    ALSO: The Marriage Plot. What do you think? I read it in two days. I couldn’t put it down. It’s like a high-brow Ivy League version of a Judy Bloom novel, but with more sex and smarty-pants semiotics theory thrown in there for good measure. Can we talk about the jacket photo of Eugenides? That vest? OMG. I laughed out loud when I saw that. There’s a whole meme about it now after a giant billboard advertising the book went up in Times Square featuring that picture, vest a-flapping as our fellow Jeff strides forth across the railroad tracks in his paisley shirt, book under arm, ready to fight the good fight of contemporary literary fiction. SO. FUNNY.

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