Some random things to bring to your attention:

  • Though blogging is not my forte lately, I did take a moment recently to put together two guest posts for fantastic people that can help you reminisce of a time when I blogged about things other than myself. Remember stuff? Remember when I was really into shoes? Just kidding. I have a holiday wishlist (pictured above) over at my buddy Fallon’s blog A Lovely Being and a curated a collection of awesome prints at A Working Proof.
  • Today is the last day to purchase items from Handmade Holiday!
  • Or, alternately (or additionally, big spender?) you can buy jewelry in my shop because you are definitely not too late this time. See the beauty of more frequent shop updates? No cat fights over brass drops in the Paypal check out line.
  • Lastly, I told Ilana I’d give a shout out to an awesome sale she and other designers I love are having in NYC this weekend on the 10th. The line-up of designers is a dream team and “sale” means actual sale, not just for sale. Read more.