Shop Update Heads Up

This is such short notice, but there will be a shop update tomorrow (or today, depending on when you are reading this/where you are in this world!) at 5pm PST. A preview is up right now, and an email to newsletter subscribers will go out tomorrow morning as a reminder. Everything will be shipped on the 7th, so while US orders* will get to you in time for Christmas, and there’s a semi-good chance that it will get to you in Canada before then, I cannot guarantee that those of you in the rest of the world will get yours in time. Delivery timing boggles my mind lately, sometimes those of you in the UK get it in a week and sometimes it takes a month. Will the technology for teleportation please be invented soon?

Let’s talk about this shop update: I’m really excited about the new ceramic woven necklaces. As soon as the last batch of them worked out well, I was immediately on the hunt for more great vintage beads to use and my search did not disappoint. Some of these beads are from Japan, Mexico, handmade right here in the US in the 60s, and some are completely one of a kind so the necklace will never be made again. While my goal for next year is to get the brass beads cast (the thorn in my side right now), I’m still looking for ways to evolve the woven necklaces into something fresh and new. It’s really hard when you stare at Pinterest day after day and feel like everything’s been done and you can’t get a new idea to enter your mind, but I’ve been finding interesting beads and materials and letting those inspire a piece rather than a flushed out idea in my head to begin with. Freestyle making, I guess you could say. Actually I kind of feel like my entire business is freestyle. Just going with the flow…

*don’t forget – if you’re a CA resident I will refund you and re-invoice you with your correct tax included! Two people have still not paid for their new invoices from the last update and this is a constant problem because people use email addresses for their Paypal accounts that they never check. *Fist shake* at Paypal for not having a way for me to charge CA tax correctly.

UPDATE: I’ve turned the comments off on this post and deleted all the previous ones, good and bad. Not because I want to “silence the truth” that an anonymous commenter has decided to repeatedly comment, but because I don’t want this negativity on my blog. I lost my temper in the comment section and don’t want myself or anyone else to further this pointless conversation (as others were jumping in on throwing insults to this commenter as well). Yes, a majority of the beads I used are from one source, but not all of them, as I stated in this post, and I have many other beads I plan to use in the future that haven’t even been touched yet, and I stand by that and also know that probably no one cares. Ha! Moving right along.