The New Year

The last few years I’ve spent the week leading up to the new year deep in thought about what my big personal goal will be for the new year. Last year it was to handle critique better and be less sensitive, the year before to be less negative. It’s funny because the year I wanted to be less negative I worked really hard at it all year, coming back to it constantly. But this year I completely forgot about being less sensitive and handling critique better. I think because the theme of the year quickly turned to just adapting. Adapting to a new city, adapting to a new workplace, then adapting to working for myself, and then the biggest bump in the road of all: cancer. I feel like I let all my goals and organization fly out the window in the last few months while my main objective was surviving, just making it to the new year in one piece.

While I do feel stronger in so many aspects, jaded and wiser to the world around me, I also feel like a mess. This year has to be about organizing my life – largely my business. It has to be about getting back on track and focusing on making decisions to grow and expand rather than just trudging along at the same steady rate. Figuring out if this whole freelance business is even financially a sustainable thing for me.

But besides that, at the risk of sounding incredibly sappy, this year I want to apply the lessons I learned in humanity and compassion from everyone who supported us during Will’s treatment. I want to be a better friend and family member. I want to be the person who calls rather than the person who waits for the phone call. The person who sends birthday cards or things for no good reason other than knowing you needed a pick me up. And maybe this will be the year I finally start volunteering for something, to give back.

Some quick goals:
– collaborate more with other creative people
– get this blog back on track – more features, more polished
– make more music with my brother
– walk, walk, walk everywhere
– make happier memories in LA – hit the restart button on this neighborhood
– get more photo gigs
– open my print shop back up
– focus on making our neglected apartment look better (cheaply!)
– hang out with people in person more

No simple tasks, for sure, but life is short and I wholeheartedly believe that 2012 will be a better year. It has to be.

What about you guys? Anything inspiring on the horizon?