The New Year

The last few years I’ve spent the week leading up to the new year deep in thought about what my big personal goal will be for the new year. Last year it was to handle critique better and be less sensitive, the year before to be less negative. It’s funny because the year I wanted to be less negative I worked really hard at it all year, coming back to it constantly. But this year I completely forgot about being less sensitive and handling critique better. I think because the theme of the year quickly turned to just adapting. Adapting to a new city, adapting to a new workplace, then adapting to working for myself, and then the biggest bump in the road of all: cancer. I feel like I let all my goals and organization fly out the window in the last few months while my main objective was surviving, just making it to the new year in one piece.

While I do feel stronger in so many aspects, jaded and wiser to the world around me, I also feel like a mess. This year has to be about organizing my life – largely my business. It has to be about getting back on track and focusing on making decisions to grow and expand rather than just trudging along at the same steady rate. Figuring out if this whole freelance business is even financially a sustainable thing for me.

But besides that, at the risk of sounding incredibly sappy, this year I want to apply the lessons I learned in humanity and compassion from everyone who supported us during Will’s treatment. I want to be a better friend and family member. I want to be the person who calls rather than the person who waits for the phone call. The person who sends birthday cards or things for no good reason other than knowing you needed a pick me up. And maybe this will be the year I finally start volunteering for something, to give back.

Some quick goals:
– collaborate more with other creative people
– get this blog back on track – more features, more polished
– make more music with my brother
– walk, walk, walk everywhere
– make happier memories in LA – hit the restart button on this neighborhood
– get more photo gigs
– open my print shop back up
– focus on making our neglected apartment look better (cheaply!)
– hang out with people in person more

No simple tasks, for sure, but life is short and I wholeheartedly believe that 2012 will be a better year. It has to be.

What about you guys? Anything inspiring on the horizon?


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    I definitely understand what you mean. I was looking back at my 2011 last night and realized that I didn’t deal with my year very well at all. I focused so much on trying to get my business going that I neglected a lot of personal time, time with friends and family, and sacrificing things like regular exercise and sleep. It was a year of just barely hanging on. I hope 2012 will be a better work/life balance.

    Here’s to your wonderful 2012 :)

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    What a beautiful and honest post. I could use a few of these goals as well — very inspiring. Best of luck to you, I know all of these things will come true for you. And maybe, maybe you and I could do a collaboration someday :)
    Big hugs for the New Year to you and Will and Wendy!

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    What an important and thoughtful post! I follow your blog daily, but don’t comment too much. However, I really felt compelled to comment today. I am really bad about making new year’s resolutions but I really relate to your idea of being more thoughtful friend and family member. That is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. How to give more and not just receive.

    I know this year has been really hard for you and Will. And I commend you for being so open and honest about your experience. You are both so incredibly brave and your sharing has certainly made me reflect on what is important.

    Here’s to a prosperous and generous 2012!!

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    Pretty basic:

    1) apply and get into grad school-finally feeling more comfortable with where I want my areas of focus to be (in case you’re curious: media literacy, women’s and gender studies and communication)
    2) work on more freelance editing gigs
    3) more marathon training
    4) work on a new blog perhaps-can’t decide if I want to keep doing personal essays or expand to my crafty failure blog where I blog about my inability to craft well.
    5) become a better cook (since I currently can’t cook at all!)
    6) make it out West (checking out SF and Portland-maybe LA?!)

    Best wishes to you and Will (and your little kitty too!) and have a fantastic NYE and exciting 2012. <3

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    Kate, may the new year bring you happiness and balance you wish for. On December 31st, every year, comes this thought of the clean and new start. And let’s hope for the great things! All the best.

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    Those all sound good to me. Sensitive is me 24/7 I wish I could change it but I’ve accepted it’s me.

    1. Have another quick/ as painless as possible birth.
    2. Also walk everywhere (I’m really bad about this)
    3. Showcase the flower shop more on the web. I feel the blogged died when I started the busy job.
    4. Make more time for my family. I’m cutting back on school and work just to be home more. My babies won’t be babies forever and I will miss these days.
    5. Convincing my husband to get neutered. I love my babies, but no one ever tells you how icky the 9 months before hand are.

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    Your 2011 was huge. I know a lot of it was shitty, but you accomplished so much. I don’t have any resolutions myself although it would be really cool to get A NEW JOB!

    All the best to you two in 2012. xoxoxoxox

  8. gia says

    Great list, and love sending letters to loved ones, it is somehow an instant boost!
    I also applied to grad school like above commenter, I’m trying for Occupational Therapy, I want to help people and really get into the nitty gritty as well as move somewhere warm. After 7 years of sitting on my butt after college I am ready to move somewhere sunny that boosts my mood, to start the next phase and to hopefully be finding my passion in my career.

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    Great post. I bi-passed resolutions this year, feeling busy enough with what’s about to happen in the next couple of months. But you reminded me that instead of just coping, it’s important to strive. Am going to give this some thought. Wishing you both a wonderful new year with lots of love, health and happiness.

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    i agree completely – 2011 has been a really tough year, and i’m feeling very inspired by what i feel 2012 will hold (i’m going to be starting my own business, so i might have some questions for you!)…i think the goals you’ve set are awesome, and way more achievable now that you’ve been through this past year’s trials and come out stronger.

    congrats on your strength and persistence in 2011 (and will’s! kicking cancer’s ass – woohoo!), and happy new year!

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    Surviving is a pretty excellent thing to do after the year you guys have had. I don’t know about resolutions but I guess the new year is a good time to focus on goals. I need to stop avoiding stuff and make decisions, get organised, get fit, and spend more time on art, friends and fun. Pretty big goals (well the first one about avoidance and making decisions), but in the end I just want this year to be happier and less about me whinging about things that I can actually control if I make the decision to do so.

    All the best to you and your blog readers for 2012.

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    I am one of those people who often find new years resolutions odd -Why should change come at that exact moment. But this year I can not help myself but think of changes.
    It sounds cheesy but I like the idea that I can actually be a ‘better’ person at the end of this year. I can start new habits such as getting fit and I can change things in the way I handle life, like worrying less and making space for pure fun.

    Being a fighter is such a difficult thing, and I am always scared that faced with real challenges, I can not handle it. Actually I just want to wish you guys a very very happy new year!

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    Hey Kate,
    Happy New Year!

    Last year I had a long list what I want to do, change, reach in 2011… but I didn’t completed it. So this year is about less talking more doing. First step, even if I’m late and 2012 has started, print my calendar, and maybe try to sell it ( aaah and be more confident!)..
    So much to do:)

  14. too shy to say! says

    i found your blog in 2011, and i’m so glad that i did!

    i know it’s been a rough year for you (me too, ugh) and i can imagine that it would have been hard to decide how much of your personal life to share in the last few months. it’s sort of a constant struggle for bloggers. i think it was incredibly brave of you to share what you and your partner have been going through, and i hope that your blog has been a useful way for you to express your thoughts/fears and be supported. either way, thanks for deciding to be so candid.

    fingers crossed that 2012 is an amazing year for all of us!!

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    I’m working on my own list, which sounds very similar to yours in many respects. My main goal at the moment is to survive editing and submit my book to the editor (I know, I know, I talk about it too much). After that, I want 2012 to be more calm.

    Here’s to good news for us both in 2012!

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    Normally I just set myself one goal. Last year it was the exhibition. This year, the novel. All in all, I just want to be smarter in a year. I think if you don’t learn things about the world (bad or good) every single year (day?) then you’re not living life properly.

    Wishing you an inspired, happier, healthier, more organised 2012.


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    Fingers crossed that 2012 is much better for you!! I have read your blog for a while and I know you have had a pretty tough year with your partner having cancer. I firmly believe these things come along to test us and make us put thing’s into perspective!

    I also started working for myself this year, and like you been trying to adapt. One of my wishes this year is to really concentrate on this side and to make it work! :)

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    “- get this blog back on track – more features, more polished”

    i think the best thing about your blog is that it’s random snippets into your life and not one of those over thought feature-filled blogs you see around these days. It feels more intimate, which I like.

    I know you didn’t ask my opinion, but I thought I’d share it anyways.

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    I hear you on hitting the reset button on your neighborhood. We just moved to a new city and have very much been just trudging along at a steady pace since. One of my resolutions is to get out and do more.

    Your blog is one of my favorites, and you and Will have been in my thoughts throughout his ordeal. Wishing you a much brighter 2012!

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