Weekly Music

Did you see Robyn on SNL over the weekend? Despite the fact that the show is so painfully bad lately (Katy Perry hosting, WHY??), it’s one of those shows that proves to be comforting when you spend a lot of time in bed, so we’ve watched them ALL lately (Will beats me in that department, but I have joined him for quite a few). The performances are usually so bland that Robyn’s crazy ass dancing – and a little rolling around on the floor – was SO awesome to watch. She is nuts on stage in all the right ways. I’d love to see her live. Also, at the very end of the show when they’re all out on stage, she’s shorter than everyone else despite wearing those monstrously tall shoes – girlfriend is so much shorter than I pictured!

If you’re not in the states you can find the clips on youtube here or here – in somewhat terrible quality as NBC is good about taking them down. Here – thanks Erica for the link to better clips!