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I was going to wait to post this until next week, the last week of 2011, but I have something else for next week and figured you could use a little something over the holiday break to jam to – the best songs of 2011. I usually do a round-up of my favorite albums of the year, but who cares? Wouldn’t you rather hear my favorite songs of 2011? I think so. 2011 was a fantastic year for music, and I get so nostalgic listening to some of these – for a time that seems so incredibly far away. I’ll save my thoughts on this year as a whole for later, but as for music, it was so great. I reconnected with music when I moved to LA – between spending time in my car and time at my desk as a freelancer. It kept me going, alive.

In no particular order:

  1. Settle Down    Kimbra
  2. Stop    Twin Sister
  3. Surgeon    St. Vincent
  4. How Come You Never Go There    Feist
  5. You And I    Washed Out
  6. The Rip Tide    Beirut
  7. Eleven    Thao & Mirah
  8. Shuffle A Dream    Little Dragon
  9. Somebody That I Used To Know    Gotye
  10. Still Sound    Toro Y Moi
  11. Sadness Is A Blessing    Lykke Li
  12. Barton Hollow    The Civil Wars
  13. Truth    Alexander
  14. Lorelai    Fleet Foxes
  15. He Won’t Go    Adele
  16. Big Burned Hand    Iron & Wine
  17. True Blue    Dirty Beaches
  18. Origins    Tennis


  1. gia says

    I’m a big fan of Beirut- I think they are brilliant! I’m getting into Empire of the Sun on Pandora, you should try em. xoxo

  2. Paula says

    Hello, Kate!
    I just found your blog through Miss Moss and I want to say a big THANK YOU for this mix. I have always loved music but i just realized that for the past year i’ve been stuck in some velvet rut, i guess.I didn’t even listen to music anymore. This mix made me rediscover the beauty of music again, i actually feel shivers.What a beautiful moment!
    So thank you, really. And Merry Christmas!

  3. says

    This list is amazing, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to check out your blog for the first time and see Kimbra hit #1 on your Best of 2011 list. Awesome.

  4. Annika says

    well, thank you, st vincent is now my christmas music. kind of gloomy but matches well with the no-snow-cristmas-in many-many-years.


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