A Message From Will


I know I said I’d be less personal on this blog, but we have some unfinished business, right? There are so many ways I want to say thank you to you guys that I don’t even know where to start. So I thought I’d have Will start, because it’s a funny thing to spend a few months writing about the health of someone that most of you barely know, and have never heard his side of the story. I asked him to write a guest post for me because I know how much he is appreciative of you guys – he talks about it to everyone all the time, especially about the fundraiser that truly saved us from a dark place. And I thought that you guys would love to hear it straight from him, along with some good news and test results.


Hi guys, Will here. I am a little nervous, Kate letting me post on her blog and all. Hopefully she likes what I write and I can do it again sometime, maybe even guest blog in the future.

But seriously, I am writing this post because I feel like recently I got to know a little bit about so many of you readers. Either from Kate telling me little stories, or from the tons of nice comments left after you all heard about my recent health issues. Some of you even bought a piece of my work during the fundraiser, or mailed a card or care package to brighten my spirits. (I was mailed a lot of soap; I hope that was not a sign that I should shower more :) Going through this experience of being really sick, and seeing how this blog and its community of readers was not only supportive of me, but of Kate, was awe-inspiring. Not only is the power of the Internet inspiring, but also the power of total strangers doing completely wonderful acts for one another – that was really amazing to see.

I went to my doctor on Monday, I heard good news but not exactly the news I wanted to report back. I wanted to shake hands with my doctor and hear that I had beat cancer, end of story, but frankly that is not how cancer works. Everything looks great on my tests and it seems to be gone, but I must be kept under constant scrutiny thought CT scans and blood analysis for the next few years. But we don’t have to go back to the hospital again for three months! I did amazingly well on the chemo – it was an absolutely horrible experience, but with Kate’s help I was able to keep my spirits high and stay healthy, no fevers or infections. I actually did so well my doctor asked if I would like to volunteer as part of a new counseling program, helping new patients go through the same process.

So for now the coast is clear. Kate and I can go back to some sense of normality and back to our routine. Thank you all for everything, from a prayer or good thought to a surprise care package (with soap in it). I literally could not have done this without Kate, and I don’t think she could have done this without all of you.

Editors note: we both really, really like the soap you sent.