au revoir

french toast with banana citrus caramel

Earlier this week I thought, “It’s a crazy week, but I can handle blogging as well! No big deal!” And then Wednesday rolled around and I thought, “Who am I kidding? I’ll have to skip Weekly Goods! But I’ll have time to read blogs tomorrow so I can do Friday Bits, no big deal!” And then today rolled around and I was like, “OK, screw it. When my favorite bloggers don’t post for a few days I don’t even notice and I find apologies for absences more annoying than absences.” But this isn’t an apology, I just wanted to make you jealous of the french toast* I rewarded myself with after a batshit week and also say au revoir (excuse my French, it’s the toast talking) as we head to Seattle tomorrow for a few days. I have some sweet guest bloggers for two of those days so that I don’t feel compelled to write an obnoxious apology post next week. This trip is exciting/weird/nervous-making as Will’s dad is flying out to meet us and finally meet my family. We decided that after nearly five years of dating perhaps it was time. No big deal. My family won’t embarrass me at all just as Will’s dad won’t embarrass him. Right, Bill?

It’s quite possible that I owe you an email, and for that I will actually apologize for, but I need a week off big time. TGIF, y’all! Have a great weekend.

*Square One, the only good thing – and I mean good – about the crappy five-block radius around my apartment. Thank you Jessica and Lisa for rescuing me from my apartment!