Bits Of My Weekend

breakfast table
new years eve snackage
garbage pail kitty
coconut cakes
herbed almonds

I can’t tell you how happy I am to get back to our regular lives again. Sure, it’s not completely normal with Will still out of work (and searching! hard!), but to leave the house and DO things is so awesome. The best thing is that we’ve been walking a ton. We walk every day for at least two miles, usually much longer than that. Will is determined to get healthier asap. Things accomplished during this little heat wave this weekend (70-80 degrees!): The Craft and Folk Art Musuem, Ethiopian food in Little Ethiopia, champagne and a movie for new years eve – falling asleep before midnight, waking up early and walking to the Hollywood Farmers Market for goodies (like white cheddar goat cheese, SO good), necklace making and shop redesign/relaunch prepping, preparing a return to reality this week with design work. Trying hard to not think about Wednesdays doctors appointment too much, focusing on the present.