Bits Of My Weekend

almond milk
dusty cat
blood oranges
sparkly tips

Oof. Will and I caught that awful cough that is going around LA like wildfire (seriously, everywhere I go I hear it.) I guess cold season gets to you even if it’s 70 degrees. So the weekend was cozy, barely leaving our our apartment, working and making lots of healthy food. It’s funny, when I’m sick I switch into super healthy mode, and when Will gets sick he just wants take out and comfort food. Too bad for him I make all the meals around here! He turned his nose up to the almond milk I made on Friday, but by Sunday I’d convinced him it wasn’t disgusting, but delicious. Other things happened like watching an entire season of Bored to Death in two sittings (tear, I will miss you), figuring out how to make my new haircut work (didn’t go as well the second attempt) and marveling at how gigantic and bright the moon was last night. A small, good moments kind of weekend.


  1. says

    It’s so hard to judge a haircut until you’ve been able to style it yourself and make it work for you. It looks good, though! I haven’t had my hair cut in about a year. Maybe I’m due…

  2. says

    I’m pretty sure I’m not dexterous enough to do my nails like that even using the ol’ tape method – they look so pretty. Never got to see Bored to Death and now it’s over? I hope your coughs are getting better. x

  3. says

    um, hello gorgeous, the new cut is SO chic. i love it. c’est tres feminine!
    (and psst…poorly-lit pics but pics nonetheless of those prints i mentioned up on bB today)
    but mostly: wendy in a bandana. WENDY IN A BANDANA.

  4. says

    Oh God, don’t even get me started on Bored to Death. I am in denial.

    Intrigued by how good your nails look. I did the same but mine ended up looking like I had dirt under my nails all the time. GARRRR.

  5. says

    Firstly, awesome hair! It frames your face, muy linda. I couldn’t believe the moon last night! I was watching the nut milk vid on My New Roots yesterday, too bad I don’t have a blender, but loved the film

  6. says

    Your new haircut is AWESOME! <3 Plus….LOVE those nails. SO simple and so beautiful! I love the minimal quality. But you still get the metallic oomph! I need to try it out for myself!

  7. Ana says

    thats so funny, I made almond milk this week too. Isnt it so much tastier than the store bought? and it blends better in hot drinks too!

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