Friday Bits

Well, it’s been an interesting first week of 2012. I got a lot of interesting and mostly positive feedback on being less personal on this blog, and I think that slowly pulling back will be an strange transition for me at first. On Wednesday we didn’t get good or bad news at Will’s appointment, but more waiting, and I promise to keep you in the loop as soon as we hear at least on that because we owe you for your kindness and prayers.

Also, thank you for the amazing feedback on the Covers album! My brother and I are floored by the response. Many of you requested a link to download the songs and I updated the post with one.

Now, let’s look at the blog world this week and get back into the swing of Friday Bits:

1. There were so many fantastic year-end posts this week, reflecting on 2011 and the year ahead. My favorites were from Hila: “This year, I will / stop saying yes / when I really mean no, / and stop saying no / when I’m too afraid to say yes.” Amy: “I felt at ease. I felt at home. I felt understood and appreciated. I felt alone sometimes, but didn’t mind.” Vic: “This year I met people who’ve changed the way I see the world. I’ve taken chances, I’ve lost and won.” And Erin’s non-goals, which I think are such a fantastic idea: “It’s my way of praising the good habits I’ve formed over a lifetime, or maybe just over the past few weeks.” (photo by Vic)

2. How to make a better grilled cheese. I have got to try the mayo trick. Sorry to those of you on cleanses right now (pretty much everyone I know).

3. Lots of great new blogs cropping up in the new year from people I love. City Country City from Anne Parker of Summer Goals, The Bindle Sack from Andrea of Gotta Girl Crush/Andrea Inspired, and Singular Possessive from Rena Tom, which I mentioned on Wednesday. (photo by Anne)

4. Laure’s amazing home tour on The Brick House made me seethe with jealousy, which made me realize that jealousy over people and places on the internet should probably be one of my new year’s resolutions. Ha.

5. One of my favorite photographers Parker Fitzgerald has a newish blog that you should definitely follow, so that you can not seethe with jealousy over his talent but simply marvel at it.

6. Mallory, aka The Queen of Round-ups, has an excellent round-up of ceramics and pottery. A friend recently said that ceramics are the new knitting. Yep. (cup by Ralph Nuara)

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. says

    There is so much previously undiscovered goodness here for me. I already exclusively use butter and mustard for my grilled cheese, but it never occurred to me to grate the cheese. So smart!

    My best friend did a degree in ceramics, I’m so telling her that ceramics is the new knitting! (She relies on me for knitting, and I, on her, for ceramics)

  2. says

    thankyouthankyouthankyou for the download! I’ve been listening to your songs all week online, so I can finally transfer them to a reliable and constant source.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. RebeccaNYC says

    regarding grilled cheese…also known as the only food of the gods. Yes to mayo (or miracle whip…gasp!) instead of butter on the outside. yes to cheese on the outside (a la croque monsieur, the best grilled cheese of all) no to all the rest. Eat with ketchup. Not that I am stuck in my ways or anything.

  4. says

    I love grilled cheese with mayo, even if you’re conscious of weight, it’s always nice to have a little indulgence, otherwise you get sad, and if you’re sad you feel bad about yourself, so stay happy, and eating grilled cheese with mayo, and smiling!

  5. says

    my dad taught me the mayo-on-the-bread grilled cheese trick when i was a kid and grilled cheese sandwiches have never been the same since! i’ll always enjoy your wonderfully curated blog posts no matter how little/how much personal stuff you choose to share. you and will are in my prayers. xoxo

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