Friday Bits

It’s been such a crazy week with work stuff that this is a slim Friday Bits, but first Will and I wanted to thank you all for the comments on his post! You guys are amazing. We’re excited to get back to our lives.

Some internet goodness this week:

1. Rachel’s homemade habanero tequila given out at Christmas gifts, complete with a custom bottle label. Her homemaking/hostess/craft skills and attention to awesome detail astounds me sometimes. Damn, girl.

2. I don’t care if it’s going to be blogged about so many times this week you claw your eyes out or the fact that maybe it’s a little played out to be obsessed with Wes Anderson these days, his films fill me top to bottom with happiness and light (and a little darkness, but the good kind) and his new film Moonrise Kingdom looks absolutely terrific.

3. I think birds are beautiful, but have never been one to want to own one, but Anja’s ridiculously adorable and beautiful parrotlet is killing me. What a sweet little face!

4. Dream: learning about food and photography in a class with Nikole in Italy at Squam. “we’ll be adventuring around the nearby town and countryside and stopping in at markets and bakeries along the way. and then coming back to the villa and baking/cooking with what we find. plus, we’ll be styling and photographing it too!” Yep.

Alright, have a great weekend!