Guest Series: Bits Of My Weekend With Jessica Comingore

Hi all, Jessica here! Kate was kind enough to invite me on board to contribute some bits from my weekend while she’s away enjoying a real winter outside of sunny Los Angeles. I was a little nervous about having enough interesting things to share with you, but this weekend ended up being pretty action-packed (and particularly art-filled). It started off with a memorable breakfast at Square One that I didn’t capture, but Kate did (see + drool over the previously posted banana french toast), followed by an evening out and an opportunity to get some use out of this vibrant red dress I recently thrifted. Saturday was spent perusing the Art Los Angeles Contemporary show at the Barker Hanger and a trip to a moped shop, the latter of which was surprisingly more fun than I would’ve imagined. Sunday began by purchasing one too many artisanal goods at an underground pop-up market in Venice (read: jalapeño jam, tandoori marinated olives + homemade lemon curd), followed a trip downtown to the LA Art Show and ended with a delightfully slow pre-fixe dinner at Church & State. All-in-all, a lot of fun despite a lot of running around. But sometimes weekends are for adventures, wouldn’t you say?


  1. says

    of the handful of things i really, really miss about la, square one’s french toast specials are one of them. i also had a banana maple brioche french toast there that seriously transcended space and time for me. SO GOOD.

  2. says

    Oh man- I love your Bits of my Weekend post. You should start your own weekend series on your blog. I so enjoy your aesthetic. And that dress- what a find!

  3. kcgirl says

    This is the kind of weekend I wish I had. Great post…inspires me to get out of the house and go somewhere other than Target. ;)

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    Sounds like an awesome weekend, and it makes mine sound completely boring. It was a very snowy, very cold weekend here in northern Indiana, so we spent most of it at our apartment drinking hot beverages, cooking, eating, and watching Justified on Netflix.

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