Myrtle Photoshoot

Myrtle Myrtle
Myrtle Myrtle

I recently had the pleasure of doing a little photo shoot for the wonderful new Echo Park boutique, Myrtle. The owner, Whitney, has an amazing eye and put together some great looks for the shoot that we shot in the store with two lovely models, Lauren and Taylor. The bright LA sunlight threatened to ruin a good time (constant slapstick-like running around to avoid the sunbeams and dark shadows) but we totally made it work thanks to great team work. If you live in LA or will be here in the future, definitely stop by the shop – Whitney has curated an amazing selection in a wide range of prices. Not just clothing and accessories, either! Cute books, soap, stationery and other fun things – all made by talented ladies.

Photography: Kate Miss
Styling/direction: Whitney Bickers
Models: Lauren Rothery & Taylor Curtin
Designers (top to bottom, left to right) all styles sold at Myrtle:
Blouse by Gretchen Jones, skirt by Shabd | Tank by This Shirt Helps, Skirt by Gretchen Jones
Dress by Filly
Dresses by Alexandra Grecco | Dresses by Study New York
Dress by Filly, locket by Bonbi Forest | Blouse & skirt by Kelly Bergin

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