Shop Update Heads Up + New Shop

The next shop update will be this Sunday, January 29th at 10am PST/1pm EST. Not only will there be brand new necklaces – including the clay beaded necklaces and a newly redesigned brass drops – but the shop is completely redesigned! I’ve been slowly working on this for ages and am launching this just in the nick of time before January comes to a close. The new shop is easier to navigate with larger photos and includes a slideshow with a lookbook. Plus, I finally redesigned my packaging as I thought it was high time.

Let’s talk about the new brass drops, as it’s my #1 best seller and I don’t want anyone to be worried about the change. The necklace has a new chain that’s now solid brass rather than plated steel, so the finish will last longer. I also hand oxidize each chain to get it to that perfect antique-like color that isn’t too shiny, but the more delicate chain does lend to a bit more of a classier look to the necklace. It’s still a perfect everyday necklace, but I think it dresses up a bit more than before. For the first time in years I’m raising the price just a little bit because the cost of the new materials is higher and takes much more time to create.

The ceramic woven necklaces now use the same chain as the new brass drops, and I shorted the chain just a bit* so that it hits on the breast plate a bit higher to show the colors off better. I’m experimenting with a few of them using brass beads as well and being a bit more dainty. (* The exception is H & I, which are leftover from the last update before I shut the shop down, fyi.)

Lastly, I’m retiring my signature classic woven necklace. It was what started it all, but interest in the other necklaces is higher these days and I’m ready to move on. If enough people are bummed out about this I’ll reconsider, but for now this feels right.

I hope you guys like the new shop – please let me know if you run into any issues! I’ll send out a reminder about Sunday’s update to my newsletter subscribers tomorrow.